Karastan’s Carpet Cleaning Tips

Karastan’s Carpet Cleaning Tips


There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful carpet and accidentally staining it by knocking over a glass of wine or a tray of hors d’oeuvre during a party. It’s inevitable that eventually your luxurious carpet will incur some sort of stain, but that’s okay! Whether it’s wine, candle wax or coffee you can keep your carpets looking like new with the proper care.

Keep your carpets looking as elegant as the day it was installed with these carpet cleaning tips.

Tip #1: Vacuum Regularly

Make sure you vacuum your carpet frequently. Especially with carpets made from our New Zealand Wool, regular vacuuming gets rid of all the loose fibers and gives an elegant sheen to your floor. But not all vacuums are created equally. Karastan’s unique and luxurious fibers are maintained the best with adjustable height, adjustable airflow large wheeled vacuums. You can find out all of our recommended vacuums here.

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(Source – Better Homes and Gardens)


Tip #2: Treat Immediately

Timing is crucial in removing a stain from your carpet. The longer that a stain sits, the deeper it embeds into the fibers and it becomes more difficult to remove. If a stain goes unnoticed for a few days, apply a solvent that is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute of America to a white cloth and blot the area. Rugs made with our incredible SmartStrand Forever Clean with All Pet Protection are made with technology that specifically targets and protects from these kinds of stains. By building a spill and soil shield around each fiber, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets fight to stay stain free for life.

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(Source – Huffington Post)


Tip #3: Scoop Up Food Stains

Any time that food is dropped on the floor, use a spoon or dull knife to remove the solid material. Add water to a cloth and softly blot the area. Briskly vacuum the spot until the stain is completely gone. An approved solvent may be needed for hard to remove stains.

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(Source – Good Housekeeping)


Tip #4: Freeze Wax

Candles are a great way to add a subtle elegance and aroma to your room, but candlewax can be difficult to remove from your carpet. If someone accidentally bumps a candle and spills the wax, apply ice to the spot. Once the wax has hardened, chip away at the wax with a spoon or dull knife until it is removed. Then vacuum the area to make sure all particles are gone.

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(Source – A Plus Carpet Cleaning)


Tip #5: Clip Snags and Loose Fibers

Rather than try and pull out a snag or extended fiber, always clip the strand. Clipping reduces the chance of the snag becoming worse; trying to pull out the fiber will only further damage the carpet.

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(Source – General Floor)


Tip #6: Rotate Furniture

Leaving your furniture in the same position indefinitely can have many negative effects on your carpet. The feet of your furniture leave dents and impressions that could be hard to remove after long periods of time. Furniture rotation also helps to prevent against uneven fading as the carpet ages. If the same areas are constantly exposed to sunlight, they will fade faster than areas protected by furniture.

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(Source – South Shore Decorating)


Do you have a specific carpet care question that hasn’t been addressed in this blog post? Visit our carpet care tips page for additional information.

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