Karastan Luxury Plank Flooring: Better than Nature’s Hardwood

For gorgeous, elevated luxury in the home, the sophistication and timelessness of hardwood flooring is often a first choice among homeowners. In addition to lasting for decades with proper care, homes with wood flooring retain their value better, sell more quickly, and tend to sell for more. But wood flooring has drawbacks. That’s why luxury vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners.

Luxury vinyl flooring combines the look of real wood with the durability of vinyl, making it possible to enjoy the beauty and benefits of wood flooring without the challenges associated with it. But not all luxury vinyl flooring is created equal; some products might offer extreme durability but lack hardwood realism, while others may look nice but offer lackluster performance. Now, there’s Karastan’s LuxeCraft. LuxeCraft offers wood-look styles that replicate the best of nature’s rare, aged and weathered creations—with performance that nature can’t provide. Here are three reasons why Karastan’s LuxeCraft luxury vinyl plank flooring might be a better choice than hardwood flooring.

Karastan LVP flooring in herringbone pattern in bedroom

Endless Style Possibilities

LuxeCraft provides incredible realism and produces authentic wood visuals—including wood looks that normally can’t even be made into flooring! Currently, farmhouse chic and coastal chic design styles are thriving, and no other surface suits these aesthetics quite like the look of hardwood—and Karastan LuxeCraft offers visuals that perfectly complement these design trends. With wider, longer planks, LuxeCraft floors can help you create unforgettable rooms that work perfectly with the rise of open floorplans.

The LuxeCraft collection takes inspiration from rare sources such as century-old sunken logs, the fine craftsmanship of cellos, weathered barnwood, and early 19th-century Appalachian timber. The Curated Grain line pulls from salvaged wood and the grain of historic old-growth white oak barnwood. Marked by brilliant mineral streaking and grain patterning, the softwood cypress and hickory varieties in the Refined Forest line represent strength through hundreds of changing seasons. The Treasured Grove line highlights fallen old growth wood weathered by years of rain, wind, sunshine, and other natural elements. This depth and dimension of texture is achieved through 3D printing technology and takes these elevated wood creations to another level. Although nature’s processes would render these actual source woods unusable in a home, the visual components combined with modern materials and manufacturing processes produce luxury vinyl plank with breath-taking appearance and completely rigid, realistic surfaces.

Karastan LVP flooring in bold rustic look in kitchen

Incredible Durability

Modern vinyl plank flooring options are a far cry from the vinyl options that you might have grown up with. This is not the rolls of plastic-y, thin sheet vinyl that resulted in an unnatural, seamless floor finish. LuxeCraft features exceptionally rigid top layers and multilayer construction that resists water, scratches, and dents while emulating real wood with authentic markings, grain, texture, and gorgeous color palettes.

Made to resist dents from dropped items and foot traffic, LuxeCraft can withstand an active lifestyle. And while exposure to moisture and liquid could damage wood, LuxeCraft luxury vinyl is inherently waterproof and will keep liquid on the surface with an air-tight installation.

Karastan LVP flooring in home entryway

Easy Maintenance

Where real wood can’t go, luxury plank flooring excels! It’s not only well suited for high-traffic areas, but the waterproof quality also makes it perfectly suited for the areas that will see moisture. So even kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and basements can have the same luxurious feel as the living room and bedrooms.

Wood floors are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to scratches, drops, and drags. When a permanent scratch occurs on a wood floor, only refinishing or re-sanding the surface can remove the blemish entirely. LuxeCraft luxury vinyl plank, however, features a rigid, reinforced top layer with modern technology to provide premium scuff and scratch resistance.

If you’re looking for durable flooring that offers the luxury of hardwood, with style and performance that are better than anything nature can offer, it’s time to consider Karastan LuxeCraft.


How to Deep Clean Your Beautiful Karastan Floors

Beautiful living is more than what you see on the surface—a beautiful space also needs to be fresh and clean. While the COVID-19 virus has many people quarantined indoors, it’s now more important than ever to take the time to deep clean your floors, disinfect your home, and kill germs that can linger or be brought in from the outside world. Nothing will give you greater peace of mind than knowing your loved ones are safe within a beautiful, clean home environment.

As you practice responsible social distancing, now’s your chance to give your floors some extra attention that will, in turn, benefit the ones you love the most.

Home entry with clean wood floors

How to Clean Your Hardwood & Luxury Vinyl Flooring

To begin sanitizing your Karastan hard surface floors, remove dirt, dust, pet dander, and loose particles from the outside world by using a dust mop, soft bristle broom, or a suction-only vacuum cleaner. Pay particular attention to high traffic areas and corners where more dust and pet hair can accumulate. Avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar or disengage the beater bar completely before using on your hardwood floors. Make sure to place floor mats at your entrances and exits to help collect germs from the outside world from being tracked indoors.

Although these times are uncertain, there is no need to panic and attempt to kill germs by deviating from the normal cleaning rules that you follow: You still need to resist wet-mopping, damp-mopping, or cleaning your hardwood floors with water, oil soaps, liquid or paste wax, household products containing lemon, citrus, tung oil, silicon, or 2-in-1 cleaners that contain acrylics or urethane polish. You also should refrain from using harsh cleaning items like steel wool pads, any scouring pads containing metal, or scouring powders. In an effort to disinfect your floors, you don’t want to create permanent damage!

For cleaning liquid spills, wipe up spills and spots immediately with a clean white cloth. Then wipe the area clean with a separate soft, slightly damp cloth. Only use a gentle cleaner for persistent spots, followed by a dry mop. Use a dust rag by hand, applying any dusting/polishing product directly to the rag, to clean your hard surface stairs. Always consult your warranty to answer any specific questions.

Dining room with clean white carpet

How to Deep Clean Your Soft Carpet & Area Rugs

Although Karastan carpet and Karastan rugs are most well-known for their exquisite beauty, they provide an equal amount of top-quality performance and resilience to our inspired spaces. General Karastan carpet care will preserve their pristine appearance for years of enjoyment, but right now you can also greatly minimize the presence of harmful germs.

Savvy homeowners know that carpets and rugs can trap dust and pollen. With effective vacuuming that releases these trapped particles from the carpet and removes them, you can reduce your family’s exposure to irritants. This is especially important since COVID-19 affects the respiratory system, and can greatly impact those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes. So deep clean your carpet to protect your loved ones!

Remove Dirt

The best way to remove dirt is to create the best airflow when regularly vacuuming! This is achieved by selecting the right vacuum with adjustable height that you can set to your specific carpet height. Not too low or too high, you want the vacuum’s beater bar or brush to gently touch the carpet surface to avoid fuzzing. For premium, high pile soft carpet, use the highest height setting and avoid concentrated or sealed suction.  For thick loop, casual frieze or long pile carpet, disengage the beater bar and vacuum with suction only. Our favorite vacuum for premium soft Karastan carpet and rugs is the SONICLEAN SFC-7000 SOFT CARPET UPRIGHT VACUUM. No matter what vacuum model you are interested in, verify that it is certified through the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval/Green Label Vacuum Cleaner Program to ensure superior carpet cleaning and dirt removal.

Remove Stains

With more time indoors, the likelihood that spills will occur certainly rises. For general spot cleaning, start with the outside of the stain and remove all solid material with a spoon or dull knife. Then blot up the liquid spill with a white cloth towel or paper towel and use warm water only to remove any remaining stain. Remember to never use a cleaner with a pH of 10 or higher on your Karastan carpet or rug. Test any cleaning solution or gentle cleaner on an area of carpet inside your closets to double-check the procedure. Also, if you have gorgeous Karastan wool carpet in your home, we have specific wool care guidelines for you to follow in our Karastan Care and Cleaning Guide as well! For all stain emergencies that are not resolved with these care procedures, contact the Scotchgard Service Center at 1-800-433-3296 for further assistance.

Karastan’s goal is to encourage you to “live beautifully” in every room of your home. To maintain this lifestyle at home, creating a clean, safe environment indoors is a top priority. Taking action to clean your floors will help you stay active and productive, which will boost your immune system and help you stay healthy. Involve your loved ones and create a cleaning schedule that will help establish consistency. Your combined efforts will ultimately achieve the deep clean that leads to a beautiful home and contributes to your beautiful life.

Room Ideas

Six Ways to Create a Peaceful Space in Your Home

During this stressful time, many people are turning to yoga and meditation at home. But before you can achieve a peaceful state of mind, it helps to have a relaxing environment! After all, many people go to yoga to escape from cluttered, stressful environments and the hustle and bustle of daily life. If quarantining has taught us all one thing, it’s how important it is for home to be a calming, beautiful space we want to be in.

Here are six tips for creating a peaceful, calming space in your own home so you can clear your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

Karastan contemporary Mesmerize Area Rug in Aqua.


Instantly transform any room by adding an area rug. A rug can set the tone for design, define a cozy area within a larger space, and completely transform the look of a room. If you’re transforming your space in a pinch with what you’ve got, then almost any rug will do the trick. But before you purchase a rug, be sure to select the right rug for the room based on size and décor.

Whether your goal is to tie a room together with a neutral area rug for a peaceful look, or make a valiant statement within your home, an area rug will make any space more relaxing.


Clutter is the usual side effect of a home that is well lived in, but it can also contribute to a space you don’t want to be in. When it comes to creating a peaceful space, sometimes less is more! What better time to declutter than now, while social distancing at home?

Start by sorting your clutter and making decisions about what should go, what should stay, and what should be stored for later. Sorting your items will make the decluttering process easier. Take inventory of all of your gadgets and ask yourself which ones you really need and use. Everything should fall into one of these categories:


You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to finish sorting without the extra things you don’t need! Start by designating a pile for things that can be thrown away. When you’re done, gather it into a trash box or bag and get rid of it all!


As you’re sorting, create a pile of items that are important to you but are not used often—these will need to be put into a box or storage container for long-term storage. Items to store can include things such as keepsakes, seasonal items, or anything else you don’t want out but don’t want to get rid of. When you’re done, put these boxes in a storage area that is not used often, such as an attic, storage unit or a guest room closet.


With the garbage and long-term storage items out of the way, it’s time to go through your sorted piles and make a decision about which items to keep or give away. Place all donation items into a box or bag—and follow through by donating all the items that you do not need or want anymore. Find a donation center in your area that is currently accepting donations by curbside drop-off. If none are open, store your donation bags or boxes out of the way in a garage or basement until you can donate them.


            Finally, you will begin to see progress and the hard work paying off as you can now organize and put away all the remaining items in the room.


Open your windows daily to let the sunshine in! While many of us are working remotely, it can be tempting to stay indoors all day. Sunshine can help stimulate your mood to be more productive throughout the day. letting the sun gleam across your room can create a sense of energy. We suggest also turning on a lamp to create a relaxing ambience within the room—this will help if you are working late into the evening.


The downside of being at home every day is that it can be easy to overlook the details. Your floors are clean, your dishes are clean, and your laundry is done—but when was the last time you cleaned your light switch covers? It may not seem important, but a deep clean can make a significant difference in a room. By returning your baseboards and windowsills to a crisp white, cleaning the grimy fingerprints from around doorknobs, and wiping away any marks on your walls, you can instantly transform any space!


Rejuvenate your spirit by adding a diffuser to the room with your favorite scent. This will soothe your senses and support a relaxing mindset during these strenuous times. You can achieve the same effect and add to the ambiance by lighting a candle.

Nature offers many calming elements that can support your space and make the area more beautiful and relaxing. Add a small planter pot filled with your favorite plant or flower. Inside planters can require a little bit of work to maintain, but they can be a great way to add a pop of color—and they do not take up much space. If you have a brown thumb, consider succulents. These inexpensive, easy-to-maintain plants can add an earthy touch to any space.


Sometimes, all you need is a slight change of scenery to feel refreshed! Rearranging your furniture can offer a new and refreshing way of looking at a room. If all your furniture is pushed against the walls of a rectangular space, consider clustering pieces to create smaller, cozy conversation areas.  For an outside-the-box approach, consider reading about the basic elements of Feng Shui—you might find tips that make sense for your home.

By take a little bit of time to create a tranquil environment that invites relaxation, your home can be a refuge for self-care as you shelter in place with your family—not a source of stress.


What’s New at the Las Vegas Market?

The bi-annual Las Vegas Market is known for setting the pace for what’s cool and cutting-edge in multiple categories including furniture and home décor. After this July’s show, we caught up with Product Director Erika Banks who offered some insight on the showroom space and the inspiration behind the collections as well as what’s on the horizon for Karastan.

Q: Erica, what can you share about the Las Vegas Market and the showroom space there?

A: We have a permanent showroom location in building C of the World Market Center. We expanded the showroom in January of 2019, which allows us to show over 400 full-size 8’x11’ rugs within our showroom. The recent expansion has been great for us, and the ability to show the larger size rugs has had a huge impact with our customers. We have been participating in the show for numerous years and look forward to continued sales growth as we use markets such as this one to continue to launch new products.

Karastan rugs at Las Vegas Market 2019

Q: What was the creative direction of the Las Vegas Market showroom?

A: We typically use the showroom space to provide aspirational and inspirational ideas for our new collections. In July, we focused on our new collection launches: Tryst, Soiree, and Tempest.

Q: What are some of the key design features of these new Karastan collections?

A: Well, the Tryst collection features unique textures and a subtly distressed effect that complements both its classic Persian designs and its modern abstracts. The Tempest collection is made from a blend of New Zealand wool and SmartStrand Silk, which allows for innovative use of color and texture. And finally, the Soiree styles showcase globally inspired patterns rooted in a taste for timeless traditional designs. This collection is influenced by rose gold and features fashion forward colors and luxurious finishes.

Scott Living Karastan rug collection at Las Vegas Market

Q: Is there anything new for rugs for the rest of 2019 or coming up in 2020?

A: We plan to show the line in our showroom in High Point in October and then have additional product launches in January during the Las Vegas Market to continue our expansion into natural fibers and custom size programs. We’ll also continue to add new design development into our most popular and successful collections, as well as expanding product lines with our current partners — Scott Living and Patina Vie — and exploring new partnerships.

Stay tuned for in-depth details on our new rug collections, and view all beautiful and luxurious Karastan rugs on our site. 


Karastan SmartStrand Carpet: New Styles

Our Karastan SmartStrand carpet is known for being luxuriously soft and extremely durable while also delivering the ultimate in stain-resistance and ease of care. With a variety of styles in lighter shades of beige, white and grey, Karastan SmartStrand carpet makes it possible to enjoy luxury and modern style trends without worrying about stains or spills.

Our Karastan SmartStrand carpet also stands out for its unique patterns and colorations. The dye technologies and techniques used with SmartStrand provide a wide range of patterns and multi-color offerings that can be used to create many different kinds of visuals without sacrificing the luxurious feel our Karastan customers love.

Brittany Stanley, a Karastan designer, tells us more about the carpet fiber. “SmartStrand colorations give us more to work with to build the carpet our customers are looking for. As far as patterns go, these carpets have a nice feel to them; you get the softness you expect from Karastan, but with a durable feel. It just feels so nice underneath your feet.”

We recently added new styles to our product line—including fresh, modern updates to three of our classic, tried-and-true styles.

Karastan SmartStrand carpet in style Fashion Portrait

Fashion Portrait

Formerly known as Fashion Icon, this classic style has been one of our top patterns for several years. A fresh, modern palette and updated yarns give it a modern look and a better feel than it had before.

This style offers a subtle pattern and texture with a small-scale lattice design in a tone-on-tone cut and loop pile. With exceptional softness, built-in stain resistance and a stylish palette of chic neutrals, Fashion Portrait is sure to be a favorite.

Karastan SmartStrand carpet in style Essential Flair

Essential Flair

One of our original SmartStrand products, this style was first known as Essential Living. An updated yarn and color line give this carpet a fresh, modern look. With 40 hues to choose from, this dense, textured collection brings casual elegance into family spaces. Stanley tells us more about the new color palette.

“This style was one of the original products we did in SmartStrand for Karastan. We updated the yarn and color line. We gave it a fresh, modern palette and added some nice accent colors as well, including traditional blues, a wine color, and a nice, smoky green.”

Karastan SmartStrand Carpet in style Avalon Estate

Avalon Estate

Promising premium softness in trending colors for easy style, this textured casual loop delivers a fresh, neutral palette ranging from creams and beiges to grays.

“This tried-and-true product was previously called Avalon Park. We loved the classic loop pattern, but the color line was dated. So, we freshened it up by updating it with modern colors, including light creams, taupes and greys,” said Stanley.

Luxuriously soft with built-in stain resistance, our SmartStrand carpets use the most advanced fiber and color innovations to create worry-free beauty and comfort in any home. And with new and updated styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a Karastan carpet that’s perfect for your home!


Karastan Kashmere Carpet: New Styles

Our Kashmere nylon carpets combine luxurious feel, fine craftsmanship and trend-setting style with the ultimate in durability. This year, we’ve released several new and updated styles in the Kashmere line, including adventurous patterns and eye-popping colors. Hear from Karastan designer Brittany Stanley as she gives us an inside look at these new styles.

Vintage Grace

This Kashmere nylon style adds a sophisticated texture to any space. Its distinctive tone-on-tone basket weave style comes in fashion-forward neutrals and grays, as well as beautiful jewel tone accents.

Using a dye technology that allows endless pattern possibilities, this style incorporates a deep dye to achieve a unique tonal effect. With a blend of tone-on-tone color and natural yarn, the result is a gorgeous, heavy contrast that’s one of Stanley’s favorites.

“I love this one. It’s quite possibly my favorite pattern we did last year. It’s so pretty. We did this one in a ‘wow’ pattern with a pop of color for someone who wants to really make a statement, but there’s a neutral pattern to work with as well.”

Karastan Kashmere carpet in Natural Diversion in a formal living room

Natural Diversion

Horizontal lines in a striated motif give this style a modern feel that’s great for any room in the home. Natural Diversion offers a decorating palette featuring cool and warm neutrals.

This style stands out because it is designed to run the width of the room instead of the length. And with a pattern that adds enough interest without being overwhelming, it’s perfect for someone who wants something a little different but doesn’t want to truly commit to anything too nontraditional.

Karastan Kashmere carpet in Artistic Affinity in a sitting room

Artistic Affinity

Variegated loops mixed with solids create the illusion of texture in this Karastan nylon tonal pattern. Its open trellis lends traditional elegance, while a palette of 20 trending neutrals and jeweled accents speaks to today’s interiors. Stanley tells us more about the design creation.

“This traditional trellis pattern gives you high contrast. The darker yarn is used to create the pattern, which makes it look almost stamped on. But the loop pile adds texture for a unique and fun look that’s still super soft.”

Karastan Kashmere carpet in Artistic Texture in a sitting room

Artistic Texture

This style offers a unique, elongated diamond pattern with a textured look. Its decorating-friendly palette features cool and warm neutrals with jewel tone accents.

Designed as a companion product to Artistic Affinity, this style shares the same color palette but offers a different pattern. Artistic Texture’s pattern is the perfect fit for Karastan customers who want the quality and craftsmanship that come with the Karastan name, but with a more adventurous pattern than our traditional styles.

Karastan Kashmere carpet in True Admiration in a sitting room

True Admiration

True Admiration exudes luxury and offers upscale comfort. True Admiration offers a broad palette that will complement any décor, with 40 solid tones ranging from must-have neutrals to bold, contemporary accents.

“This style is a recolor of Maison, which has been in Karastan for many years. It’s a thick carpet with a nice, tight and tailored finish,” Stanley explains. “We left the product the same because everyone loved how it was, it just needed a little update. We gave it a traditional color palette with the muted colors and lighter neutrals our consumers want.”

Our Karastan Kashmere carpets offer the style, durability, and softness you expect from a luxury brand. With new styles and colors that push the envelope on modern classics, there is something for anyone who wants long-lasting comfort.


Karastan Wool Carpet: New Styles

Wool is carpet’s most luxurious material; it gives you a sophisticated, high-end look that you really can’t get from a synthetic, and it feels so nice and soft. But there’s more to wool than just beauty! Wool is a natural fiber that is both non-allergenic and sustainable—so you can relax and feel good about living beautifully on Karastan wool carpet. It’s also a crush and static resistant material that is durable and easy to clean, ensuring lasting luxury.

We have released several new styles and colorations that put an updated twist on the classic wool styles you know and love—including new tufted wool products that bring the sophistication and quality of wool to a lower price point, as well as wool blends that combine all the attributes of soft, durable and environmentally friendly wool with the wonderful texture and stain-resistance of blended fibers. As we walk through each of these new styles, hear from Brittany Stanley, the designer behind some of our most beautiful products.

Karastan French Encore wool carpet in a sitting areaFrench Encore

This delightful large-scale plaid is available in both subtle and contrasting colorways. The pattern loop woven in 100% New Zealand wool offers incredible softness and durability for fashionable and comfortable living areas that retain their beauty.

“This is a continuation of an older pattern that we carried for many years. When we stopped carrying it, we got a lot of requests to bring it back. People loved the traditional large check pattern. We recolored it for a traditional pattern with a modern twist on the color line, with neutrals like greys, navy and taupe.”

Karastan Riviera Stria wool carpet in a loft space

Riveria Stria

Designed as a companion product to Patola, a classic Karastan product with a flame stitch, Riveria Stria is a linear product that uses the same yarn products that Patola uses. But where Patola has a chevron stitch pattern, Riveria Stria is a linear pattern that has a bit of ribbing. Inspired by ikat designs and current fashion trends, its Karaloc woven pattern exudes innovative modern style.

Karastan Hatherleigh wool carpet in a living room


With its high-low loops made of 100% New Zealand wool, this tufted wool style conjures images of the heathered European countryside. It offers both two-tone and solid colorways in fresh hues to coordinate with current design trends. A traditional loop pattern with beautiful coloration, Hatherleigh comes in heathered colors and solids, as well as styles that offer a mix of both.

Karastan Kingston Hill wool carpet in a sitting area

Kingston Hill

This tufted wool carpet has a two-tone, fine-point style for a tailored, sophisticated look that isn’t offered in any of our other woven wools. Large, textured loops in heavy contrasting yarns give this tufted wool style its distinct scalloped stripes. This 100% New Zealand wool beauty brings texture and linear energy into any space of the home.

Karastan Braided Charm wool carpet in a living room

Braided Charm

Alternating rows of bulky and fine yarn in high and low loops create a ribbed effect that mimics corduroy. Up close, this tufted wool looks as if the yarn is braided. The variety of grayed neutral hues in 100% New Zealand wool is on trend with today’s style preferences and a unique product according to Stanley.

“This style is a completely unique product in the Karastan line—we don’t have anything else like it. This carpet has a chunkier loop with a more linear pattern. With its neutral color line, this is definitely a trendy carpet.”

With new colorations, tufted wool products, and wool/SmartStrand blends, our new wool styles provide an updated twist to classic patterns and colors which Stanley says was exactly the goal.

“Karastan has always been a trendsetter, and we are always looking for new ways to do things. We are always thinking about what we can do to push the envelope a little bit while still providing those classic patterns and colors that our consumers want.”

Design Concepts Room Ideas

Going Bold (But Neutral!) with Antelope

Hi everyone! I’m Monica Benavidez, and I’m the interiors-obsessed blogger at Monica Wants It. My interior design style could be best described as traditional with a twist, and I’m known for my feminine décor touches and love of all things glam and chinoiserie.

Karastan carpet

Why I Love Karastan

I’ve always been a fan of Karastan because of their high quality and vast selection of gorgeous floor coverings. As one of the High Point Market Design Bloggers last spring, I had the opportunity to visit their showroom as they celebrated 90 years in business, and I was blown away by their commitment to excellence and quality.

Being able to learn about their manufacturing process, dedicated employees and company values, plus being able to see and touch their rugs/carpets first-hand really affirmed my affinity for the brand.

At their core, Karastan is committed to inspired designs, flawless craftsmanship and long-lasting materials, so your rugs and carpets can last for generations. Whether you want traditional or trendy, Karastan has you covered.

Karastan Antelope

My Antelope Obsession

Selecting a Karastan rug was an easy choice when I started planning out my home office makeover, and I immediately knew what pattern I wanted after obsessing about it for years… antelope!

Karastan’s Savanna Scenes Antelope carpet collection features several colorways to choose from, and I opted for the taupe colorway because I wanted a neutral colored rug that would look good with my décor today and my décor 10 years from now.

The Cut Above program allows consumers to have any of their gorgeous carpet offerings, such as the Savanna Scenes Antelope, to be cut and bound to custom rug sizes. For most homes, mine included, a standard 8’x10’ is a fabulous choice for a bedroom.

Antelope is the perfect bold and neutral rug choice for any space, and the pattern can be spotted often in shelter magazines. If I ever own a home one day with stairs, I’m totally using this print to make a statement on the stair treads!

The subtle, ombre inspired colors paired with the speckled antelope pattern give this rug a timeless yet on-trend look. Whether your home décor leans eclectic, contemporary, farmhouse or boho, antelope is a perfect and failproof choice. It adds pattern, subtle color, warmth, texture and drama all in one. Plus, it is perfect for people who love to change up their décor and want rugs that will pair well with nearly anything.

Antelope rug in the office

A Stylish Office Update

The antelope rug is a showstopper that adds warmth and contrast to my home office amidst my black and white walls and abundant florals.

I love bursts of color, but I also realize a space needs some balance, which is why a large scale, simple pattern such as antelope can help ground a room that has a lot going on. The warm hues of the rug also pair beautifully with the gold and brass accents prominent in the space.

The rug helps create definition in this small, square room. Ever since I added the rug in here, I feel like the furniture placement and flow has improved.

Karastan carpet in the office

Pee Wee, my gorgeous senior dog, often keeps me company when I’m working away in my office, so selecting a durable and stain resistant rug was at the top of my list. His favorite blanket, which showcases his stylish streak, looks right at home next to the rug.

Not only does the taupe color hide his hair extraordinarily well, but the Kashmere nylon fiber has lifetime stain and soil resistance should he have an accident (or I have a crafting mishap).

Plush Karastan carpet

The rug itself is incredibly plush—it’s so plush I’ve developed a habit of walking around sans my gold fuzzy slippers to enjoy the cushy feeling between my toes.

Overall, I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally incorporate this pattern into my home in a space that I spend many hours in each week creating content to help people create beautifully decorated homes.

If you’re ready to incorporate one of the Savanna Scenes Antelope Collection carpets into your home via a custom bound rug in almost any size you need, make sure to visit your local Karastan retailer for more information.

Design Concepts

How to Choose the Right Size and Style for your Area Rug

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home or simply tie a room together, area rugs can help you achieve your décor dreams. Rugs serve a multitude of purposes and are readily available in every size, shape, style and price point imaginable. The only difficult part is deciding which one is right for your space.

Role in the Room

Before you decide on the details, designate the general purpose your rug will serve in the room. Are you looking for a rug to fit under a dining table? To set off a cozy reading nook? To tie together a seating arrangement? Or even to cover a majority of the room?

Once you’ve found the purpose for your area rug, think about how it will relate from a style standpoint. Do you want to inject vibrant color or soften the room? Are you looking for energy from distinct patterns or a more subtle texture? Will the rug need to coordinate with adjoining rooms?

Understanding the role you want your rug to play will help simplify the process and make the details easier to sort through.

Karastan Aberdeen rug in living room

Size and Shape

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the size of an area rug, but there are some general recommendations to rely on if you’re not certain of what you need.

Look at the furniture in your room. Under a dining table, for example, a rug is usually large enough for the chair legs to remain on the rug if someone is seated. Adding 36” to 48” to the length and to the width of your table will give you a minimum measurement for your rug.

Designers often use round rugs under round or square tables and rectangular rugs under oblong or rectangular tables.

For seating groups, many designers recommend putting at least the front legs of each piece of furniture on the rug to help tie the grouping together. In a larger room, where the furniture is pulled away from the walls, some designers prefer for the entire grouping to sit on top of the rug. Measuring with these tips in mind will help guide you to an appropriate size.

Karastan Irvine rug in the bedroom

Bedrooms will take more consideration. Large beds can often cover up a rug, so it’s best to add four feet to the width of your bed and two or more feet to the length to allow for cushioned walking on all three sides. Designers sometimes run the rug all the way under the headboard, so side tables line the rug. Other times they run the rug under only the bottom two-thirds of the bed, so the side tables sit on the floor.

Another option is to lay three smaller rugs of equal size around the perimeter of the bed. It is also common practice to place a smaller rug at the foot of the bed with only the footboard overlapping the rug.

You may want your rug to fill the majority of your room, and in this case, designers recommend leaving at least 12” of space between the edge of the rug and the baseboards as a border.

Karastan rugs are available in most standard lengths and widths, but if you have a unique-sized space, Karastan carpet can be cut and bound into a custom sized area rug that perfectly fits your home.

While round and rectangular are the most common shapes, you can find many others if you’re looking for something less expected. Again, there are no hard and fast rules, so if you want to put a round rug in a rectangular space to soften the edges, feel free.

Karastan Captivate rug in the living room

Color and Pattern

Rugs come in all colors of the rainbow and a vast array of patterns. Some designers start with a beautiful area rug and build a room’s decor around it, pulling colors and pattern motifs for walls, furniture and draperies from the rug as an inspiration piece. This method makes choosing a rug simple; pick the one that you like best and go from there.

If you already have other decor elements in place, however, you’ll want to fit the rug to the room. For a room full of color, find a rug that reflects some or all of those same colors, without introducing new ones, to help unify the space. In a neutral-colored room, a vibrant rug can inject much needed energy. Neutral colors can soften a space, while dark colors can ground a room by providing depth.

Patterns can be bold or subtle, large or small. If you don’t have much pattern in your room, it’s easier to play with pattern in a rug, however, if you already have a variety of patterns from wallpaper, drapes, pillows and furniture, you may want to opt for a solid or tone on tone rug.

When mixing patterns, many designers recommend altering the size of the patterns. So, if you have a large pattern on the drapes and a medium pattern on the furniture, you would want a smaller pattern for the rug. However if you have a small pattern in the drapery, you could go for a large pattern on the rug.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Layer rugs of different sizes for more interest, put a rug on the diagonal rather than at right angles to the room. Place a round rug in the rectangular “L” of a seating arrangement for the unexpected. Try putting a transitional rug in a traditional space or a traditional rug in an otherwise modern room. You’ll enjoy seeing how different placements change the look and feel of your home.

Area rugs offer a fun way to freshen up a room, and can completely remake a space. Are you ready to choose the perfect option for your home? Take a look through all of our area rugs here.

Room Ideas

Style Tips for Small Spaces

Apartment living or downsizing can be a challenge. With the absence of excess space, rooms become multipurpose. A living room also turns into an exercise room, the entranceway into a mudroom, and sometimes the bathroom doubles as a laundry room.

With the restrictions of small spaces, it’s a challenge to find balance between showcasing your personal sense of style and recognizing that your home needs to be inviting and practical for you and your family.

From multi-functional furnishings to small apartment ideas, here are five style tips for small spaces to help infuse your sense of style into a small living space:

{source: Classic Casual Home}


1. Declutter

When everything has some sort of sentimental value, it’s really easy for your home to get cluttered. Our lives often seem too busy to even attempt this first step, but we suggest taking 10-15 minutes each day to tackle this task. Get rid of those papers that you may not need that are piled up on the counter, don’t hang on to those clothes that you don’t wear anymore, donate them. Take inventory of all of your kitchen gadgets and appliances. Which ones do you really need and use?

2. Neutral, Light Colors

When it comes to small apartment decoration, painting your walls in neutral and light colors visually opens up the space and makes it look much bigger. Choose between white, light woods, blush pink and soft grey for your foundation. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a peek into a bold color for accents though. The key is to remember to balance out that brighter color with softer tones so the room doesn’t become too overwhelming.

{Source: Arianna Belle Blog}

3. Oversized Wall Décor

It may seem counterintuitive to hang an oversized piece of artwork on a tiny wall, but having one large, commanding piece can draw the focus away from the size of the space and toward the art itself. You can also help a room look less cramped by hanging a large mirror on the wall or paneling your closet doors with mirrors. The reflective surface gives the illusion of a larger space, which makes the room feel a lot less tiny.

4. Furniture that fits the room

Don’t go too big with your furniture. If you have low ceilings, choose pieces that sit lower to the ground. This can help create an effect of having higher ceilings. A coffee table could double as a storage bench, or you could push two side tables together as a coffee table with the ease of being able to move them around to add extra space when needed. If you work from home, create a built-in desk area inside an unused closet, nook or any unused space in your home. If you can, find a way to camouflage the space too with a rod + curtain or a sliding door. Hidden storage is optimal! For your dining area, a glass or clear table will keep the appearance of an open and free space.

5. Custom size rug

Now for your fifth wall, the floor!  A light-colored flooring will make the room appear brighter and more open. Our design team recommends the Patola collection in Cosmopolitan for your living room.  Or perhaps you want to have a little more fun with animal prints? Check out our  Savanna Scenes Cheetah. It’s easy to create the perfect custom bound area rug for your rooms, just pick your favorite broadloom carpet and provide your measurements to your local Karastan retailer. When you have small spaces, it’s essential that everything from area rugs to furnishings is the right size.

{Source: Vanessa Francis}


Style: Woolcraft Nouveau


Do you live in a small space? Share with us some of your favorite tips for stylish living in the comments!