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Going Bold (But Neutral!) with Antelope

Hi everyone! I’m Monica Benavidez, and I’m the interiors-obsessed blogger at Monica Wants It. My interior design style could be best described as traditional with a twist, and I’m known for my feminine décor touches and love of all things glam and chinoiserie.

Karastan carpet

Why I Love Karastan

I’ve always been a fan of Karastan because of their high quality and vast selection of gorgeous floor coverings. As one of the High Point Market Design Bloggers last spring, I had the opportunity to visit their showroom as they celebrated 90 years in business, and I was blown away by their commitment to excellence and quality.

Being able to learn about their manufacturing process, dedicated employees and company values, plus being able to see and touch their rugs/carpets first-hand really affirmed my affinity for the brand.

At their core, Karastan is committed to inspired designs, flawless craftsmanship and long-lasting materials, so your rugs and carpets can last for generations. Whether you want traditional or trendy, Karastan has you covered.

Karastan Antelope

My Antelope Obsession

Selecting a Karastan rug was an easy choice when I started planning out my home office makeover, and I immediately knew what pattern I wanted after obsessing about it for years… antelope!

Karastan’s Savanna Scenes Antelope carpet collection features several colorways to choose from, and I opted for the taupe colorway because I wanted a neutral colored rug that would look good with my décor today and my décor 10 years from now.

The Cut Above program allows consumers to have any of their gorgeous carpet offerings, such as the Savanna Scenes Antelope, to be cut and bound to custom rug sizes. For most homes, mine included, a standard 8’x10’ is a fabulous choice for a bedroom.

Antelope is the perfect bold and neutral rug choice for any space, and the pattern can be spotted often in shelter magazines. If I ever own a home one day with stairs, I’m totally using this print to make a statement on the stair treads!

The subtle, ombre inspired colors paired with the speckled antelope pattern give this rug a timeless yet on-trend look. Whether your home décor leans eclectic, contemporary, farmhouse or boho, antelope is a perfect and failproof choice. It adds pattern, subtle color, warmth, texture and drama all in one. Plus, it is perfect for people who love to change up their décor and want rugs that will pair well with nearly anything.

Antelope rug in the office

A Stylish Office Update

The antelope rug is a showstopper that adds warmth and contrast to my home office amidst my black and white walls and abundant florals.

I love bursts of color, but I also realize a space needs some balance, which is why a large scale, simple pattern such as antelope can help ground a room that has a lot going on. The warm hues of the rug also pair beautifully with the gold and brass accents prominent in the space.

The rug helps create definition in this small, square room. Ever since I added the rug in here, I feel like the furniture placement and flow has improved.

Karastan carpet in the office

Pee Wee, my gorgeous senior dog, often keeps me company when I’m working away in my office, so selecting a durable and stain resistant rug was at the top of my list. His favorite blanket, which showcases his stylish streak, looks right at home next to the rug.

Not only does the taupe color hide his hair extraordinarily well, but the Kashmere nylon fiber has lifetime stain and soil resistance should he have an accident (or I have a crafting mishap).

Plush Karastan carpet

The rug itself is incredibly plush—it’s so plush I’ve developed a habit of walking around sans my gold fuzzy slippers to enjoy the cushy feeling between my toes.

Overall, I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally incorporate this pattern into my home in a space that I spend many hours in each week creating content to help people create beautifully decorated homes.

If you’re ready to incorporate one of the Savanna Scenes Antelope Collection carpets into your home via a custom bound rug in almost any size you need, make sure to visit your local Karastan retailer for more information.

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How to Choose the Right Size and Style for your Area Rug

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home or simply tie a room together, area rugs can help you achieve your décor dreams. Rugs serve a multitude of purposes and are readily available in every size, shape, style and price point imaginable. The only difficult part is deciding which one is right for your space.

Role in the Room

Before you decide on the details, designate the general purpose your rug will serve in the room. Are you looking for a rug to fit under a dining table? To set off a cozy reading nook? To tie together a seating arrangement? Or even to cover a majority of the room?

Once you’ve found the purpose for your area rug, think about how it will relate from a style standpoint. Do you want to inject vibrant color or soften the room? Are you looking for energy from distinct patterns or a more subtle texture? Will the rug need to coordinate with adjoining rooms?

Understanding the role you want your rug to play will help simplify the process and make the details easier to sort through.

Karastan Aberdeen rug in living room

Size and Shape

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the size of an area rug, but there are some general recommendations to rely on if you’re not certain of what you need.

Look at the furniture in your room. Under a dining table, for example, a rug is usually large enough for the chair legs to remain on the rug if someone is seated. Adding 36” to 48” to the length and to the width of your table will give you a minimum measurement for your rug.

Designers often use round rugs under round or square tables and rectangular rugs under oblong or rectangular tables.

For seating groups, many designers recommend putting at least the front legs of each piece of furniture on the rug to help tie the grouping together. In a larger room, where the furniture is pulled away from the walls, some designers prefer for the entire grouping to sit on top of the rug. Measuring with these tips in mind will help guide you to an appropriate size.

Karastan Irvine rug in the bedroom

Bedrooms will take more consideration. Large beds can often cover up a rug, so it’s best to add four feet to the width of your bed and two or more feet to the length to allow for cushioned walking on all three sides. Designers sometimes run the rug all the way under the headboard, so side tables line the rug. Other times they run the rug under only the bottom two-thirds of the bed, so the side tables sit on the floor.

Another option is to lay three smaller rugs of equal size around the perimeter of the bed. It is also common practice to place a smaller rug at the foot of the bed with only the footboard overlapping the rug.

You may want your rug to fill the majority of your room, and in this case, designers recommend leaving at least 12” of space between the edge of the rug and the baseboards as a border.

Karastan rugs are available in most standard lengths and widths, but if you have a unique-sized space, Karastan carpet can be cut and bound into a custom sized area rug that perfectly fits your home.

While round and rectangular are the most common shapes, you can find many others if you’re looking for something less expected. Again, there are no hard and fast rules, so if you want to put a round rug in a rectangular space to soften the edges, feel free.

Karastan Captivate rug in the living room

Color and Pattern

Rugs come in all colors of the rainbow and a vast array of patterns. Some designers start with a beautiful area rug and build a room’s decor around it, pulling colors and pattern motifs for walls, furniture and draperies from the rug as an inspiration piece. This method makes choosing a rug simple; pick the one that you like best and go from there.

If you already have other decor elements in place, however, you’ll want to fit the rug to the room. For a room full of color, find a rug that reflects some or all of those same colors, without introducing new ones, to help unify the space. In a neutral-colored room, a vibrant rug can inject much needed energy. Neutral colors can soften a space, while dark colors can ground a room by providing depth.

Patterns can be bold or subtle, large or small. If you don’t have much pattern in your room, it’s easier to play with pattern in a rug, however, if you already have a variety of patterns from wallpaper, drapes, pillows and furniture, you may want to opt for a solid or tone on tone rug.

When mixing patterns, many designers recommend altering the size of the patterns. So, if you have a large pattern on the drapes and a medium pattern on the furniture, you would want a smaller pattern for the rug. However if you have a small pattern in the drapery, you could go for a large pattern on the rug.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Layer rugs of different sizes for more interest, put a rug on the diagonal rather than at right angles to the room. Place a round rug in the rectangular “L” of a seating arrangement for the unexpected. Try putting a transitional rug in a traditional space or a traditional rug in an otherwise modern room. You’ll enjoy seeing how different placements change the look and feel of your home.

Area rugs offer a fun way to freshen up a room, and can completely remake a space. Are you ready to choose the perfect option for your home? Take a look through all of our area rugs here.

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The Man Behind the Magic: Interview with Karastan’s Jeff Seagle

Karastan’s showroom at Atlanta’s AmericasMart attracted some extra eyes last month at the summer edition of the International Area Rug Market.  Recently recognized as ‘Best in Flooring- Outstanding Visual Display’, the Karastan showroom is one of over 1,400 unique showrooms and over 2,500 temporary exhibits that help make the biannual market a ‘can’t miss’ event for industry insiders and interior designers alike.

Following the market, we were able to track down the man behind the magic, Director of Marketing and Product Merchandising Jeff Seagle, for an exclusive behind the scenes story of Seagle and his team’s showroom design process, from bare to beautiful!


It is our understanding that you are the driving force behind the marketing and styling efforts of the Karastan showrooms. Can you tell us a little more about your specific role and history with the company?

First of all, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. I am incredibly blessed to have some of the best, most creative people on my team working incredibly hard throughout the entire process.

There are hundreds of things that have to happen prior to opening the showroom doors. Everyone in the creative services department and the sample department have a role to play, and they play it extremely well. Quite frankly, it would be an impossible task if it were not for their collective efforts and desire for excellence. I can tell you that the reason for our success is that everyone has a genuine love for doing showrooms and it shows.

Between Karastan and Mohawk Home, we do approximately eight shows a year.

I am currently the Director of Marketing and Product Merchandising with Mohawk Home. I have been with Mohawk Home for 8 years. I would say my most im­portant role within Mohawk Home/Karastan is to maximize and grow our sales and profitability using the combined talents of our creative services, merchandising and brand management teams. Our goal and is to deliver an engaging experience to each of our retail partners customers every time.


High Point Market showroom, 2017.  

Did you wake up one morning and decide this was what you were born to do? Or rather, what experiences and education lead you to this point in your career?

Not at all, my design career began after graduating from Maryville College in 1986. After spending a year with an ad agency designing billboards, I began working for a government contractor in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This particular firm held various government contracts with The United States Department of Energy. The largest of which, was to manage and operate The American Museum of Science and Energy.

My first assignment was to create an exhibit for the History of Y-12, a nuclear weapons facility located in Tennessee. Obviously, I had never designed anything to that scale or magnitude. The subject matter ranged from radioactive isotopes to the history of the atomic bomb. It was literally a sink or swim type proposition. Luckily, I learned to swim rather quickly and became the lead designer for the museum, as well as the company.

After ten years, I looked to do something in a completely new direction and began working as marketing director for a log home manufacturer based in Jarven­paa, Finland. We had over a hundred model homes and sales offices in Scandinavia. Eventually they entered the US market, and we were the first company to work with a newly formed company – Home and Garden Television. We were the first to give away a completely furnished home to a lucky winner, a highly successful promotion that continues to this day. It was at that time, working with a variety of designers, photographers and marketing professionals that I became even more interested in the power of visual merchandising.

Eventually, I worked my way into home textiles with stops at Burlington Rugs and Shaw Living.

How does your creative process begin when you’re tasked with designing a fresh, new showroom concept? Where do you start?

The creative process always starts with the product. We work very closely with the product designers to gain a greater understanding of the inspiration, vision, usage, features and benefits that differentiates it from the competition.

With our retail partners, differentiation is the name of the game. This applies to showrooms as well. There are monumental shifts in the retail landscape and consumer behavior. It is no longer enough to simply manufacture a great product. You must demonstrate a willingness to think outside the box – create curated collections, tell a story, create an environment, provide the customer with the right information in the right format, and whenever possible, create whenever a customer experi­ence that evokes all the senses.


Patina Vie display at Las Vegas market, 2017.

A typical buying team sees hundreds and even thousands of rugs within any market week. Our goal is relatively simple: always be the standard of excellence in product and visual presentations. We strive to create somewhat of a logical connection with the product via a story or environment. If it comes naturally that’s great; if not, we challenge ourselves to think outside the box. Many times, the most unorthodox environments and approaches are the most well received.


Let’s talk about themes, the crux of the showroom! No pressure… right? How do you and your team identify a new theme? What are some factors you look toward to guide that decision process?

The theme is really born out of the product assortment we will be featuring. It also depends upon the amount of space we have to work with as well. But in the end, the final theme is born out of collaborative “brain storming” sessions with the creative team. The biggest factors that guide the decision process are space allocation, budget and, of course, the story or inspiration behind the product.

Where do you look for inspiration? Do you follow any designers, bloggers or publications?

Inspiration comes from a multitude of sources. One source of inspiration comes from small, boutique type retail shops and antique stores. These places are “goldmines” for inspiration. Not all, but many small boutiques are much better at creating more curated collections and do not have to follow strict merchandising and visual standards that big box retailers must follow. They are much more apt to be creative with signage, fixtures, photography and props.

Single biggest? Without question Disney. I am a Disney fanatic. I am fascinated by all aspects of their business – resorts, theme parks and retail areas. It absolute­ly amazes me how the Disney interior designers, architects, graphic designers, visual merchandisers, landscape architects, etc. maintain such high standards of creativity, excellence and continuity. No detail is too small…nothing. I have visited virtually every resort within Disney World the past 17 to 18 years and still walk away completely amazed. For me, it is not only a vacation but a tremendous and wonderful source of inspiration. Anyone who has ever walked down Main Street USA at dusk cannot be unimpressed with how they have incorporated, sight, sound and smell into the customer or visitor experience. I have thousands of photo­graphs—from the interior decor of the hotels to the retail shops on main street that I refer back to for inspiration.

Once the concept is conceived, the real work of bringing the vision to life must begin. Tell us a little about what all goes on behind the scenes when building a showroom. How long can this part of the process take? What roles help turn the idea into a reality?

Numerous things happen once we have decided on our approach. As the product is being designed and manufactured, we begin putting together working drawings for carpenters or contractors to make whatever we need that cannot be purchased.

We also begin shopping for furniture, props, clothing, signage – whatever we need. Once we have those things, our sample department will wrap and label every piece and package it for transport. We usually have one to two trucks filled with product, props and fixtures that go to every showroom.

Behind the scenes there is a tremendous amount of work. We begin work early each morning and usually work late into the evening. Everything from painting to replacing light bulbs are our responsibility. People would be amazed how disorganized and messy the showroom becomes in a matter of minutes once the trucks are unloaded. It generally looks like a bomb exploded.


Construction underway at the Mohawk Home showroom in New York City.

Simultaneously, while we are beginning to assemble vignettes there are hundreds of large, heavy rugs that must be hung, folded, etc. Our sample department does a tremendous job hanging rugs, anyone who has ever tried to lift an 8 x10 wool rug 12 feet in the air knows it can wear you out fast.

Generally, it takes a couple of weeks in actual construction time to completely “tear down” a showroom and change out the product for the next show. Planning time takes far more time. One day we’re going to place a time lapse camera in a showroom to illustrate the process.


Is there a moment when you know the showroom is complete or is it a constant work in progress? If it’s the former, tell us about that moment and what signals to you that the showroom is ready to be revealed?

There is definitely a moment when it is complete from a timing standpoint, but you are always looking back thinking I could have, or should have changed this or that.

Though the themes may change, how do you preserve Karastan’s brand identity? Are there any core components (besides beautiful rugs!) that you try to maintain in each showroom?

It really is all about the product. The designers and product development teams do a superb job at providing the market with the most beautiful rugs in the world. The Karastan brand identity as it relates to the showrooms is really based on the beauty of the product and the creativity, care and professionalism of the environment that our customers see or experience.

Probably one of the most important core components that we implement in any of our showrooms is the attention to detail. Whether it’s distressing a chair, installing wainscot or selecting the right magazines or books for display, it’s very important to the team. In the end, that is what differentiates us form the rest of the market and is what I am proudest of.


Details of a retro-themed vignette at the Las Vegas showroom in 2016.  

How often must the showroom be redesigned? Does this always involve a complete overhaul or can elements of previous themes evolve into the next?

We typically do one major renovation per year on each of our showrooms. Generally, we don’t like to repeat any theme unless of course it has been well received and the sales or management team requests we keep it in place. We reuse many of our props and furniture. As a matter of fact, when we purchase props or finalize a design we always want to look to the future and determine is this something we can use again and again in a multitude of different environments.

Can you recall any favorite showroom displays over the years?

There are a few that are my favorite. One in particular, was our “Speakeasy Bar” that we constructed for Atlanta Market. We featured collections of beautiful, traditional Karastan rugs in the setting of a 1920’s prohibition era bar. We actually had a bookcase and library shelves constructed that would swing open to reveal a “hidden” section of the showroom.


The “Speakeasy” theme, along with a hidden bookcase display, was a big hit during Atlanta market 2015.

The section was filled with an eclectic blend of furniture, photography and artifacts from that time period. Our team spent a couple of days installing new wallpaper and then distressing it with sandpaper, razor blades and stain.
Much time and effort is spent in the weeks leading up to market, making sure every detail looks and feels authentic.

We also purchased beer mugs with our Karastan “Speakeasy” logo that was used later in the evenings for customer receptions. Old beer barrels, whiskey and beer bottles with fake dust and cobwebs were also used in the vignettes. If you really look at the photographs you can see the attention to the details in most every shot.


Notice the ‘cobwebs’ hanging on the chandelier, created by the merchandising/design teams.

As we mentioned earlier, last month’s Atlanta showroom was recently recognized as ‘Best in Flooring-Outstanding Visual Display’. For those of us who couldn’t see it in person, tell us a few of your favorite highlights! What were you most proud of?

I think the last showroom in Atlanta was probably the most complete. We launched a new collection of rugs called Kismet. The setting for Kismet was contemporary and somewhat a “California Casual” look and feel.


The Kismet collection was a big hit at Atlanta market this summer. The Karastan showroom earned the ‘Best in Flooring- Outstanding Visual Display’.

Our Spice market section was filled with baskets and architectural pieces filled with actual spices that not only were visually interesting but created a wonderful exotic fragrance upon entering that section of the showroom.


We also had a very unique window vignette featuring our Indoor/outdoor rugs. In this vignette, we wanted to create a patio area in the back of a typical home. However, we chose to present it in a very unusual way. We decided to place the floor of the patio on the wall, with the walls of the house hung from the ceiling. This created an optical illusion that confused and delighted many of our customers. Everything from the outdoor stone fireplace to the furniture all had to be secured to the wall. Everything was literally hung for the ceiling, secured to the wall or affixed to the floor.


Want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at market? Be sure to follow Karastan on Facebook for the latest updates and images.

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A Penny for Your Thoughts with Patina Vie

Earlier this year, Karastan announced its latest collaboration with the intriguingly luxurious and invitingly livable lifestyle brand, Patina Vie. Since then, the style obsessed team at Patina Vie has partnered with Karastan on more than a few covetable collections, infusing their timeless taste in every piece. This month, we were over the moon at the chance to sit down with the brand’s creator and founder, Sarah Willett, and share some snapshots of the forever fashionable inner workings of this design doyenne.


Sarah Willett, Founder and Creator of Patina Vie

KARASTAN: In the ‘about’ section of Patina Vie’s website, it states, “We’re a passionate team of vintage collectors, product designers, artists and style-makers… ever-charmed by the warm layers of time.” Can you tell us a little more about that and what originally inspired you to found Patina Vie?

SARAH WILLETT: Patina Vie has simply allowed me to share the casual lifestyle that I live in a quaint hamlet in Wisconsin’s emerald countryside.   Our happy little cottage is filled with inspired goods and treasures from all of my travels… stylish touches that are authentic, personal, gathered and layered with a creative eye. Patina Vie is a design house, where we have the honor of designing products that have a soulful spin (KARASTAN RUGS et al); and also collect, curate and sell one-of-a kind antiques and vintage (which make my heart flutter). The combination of old and new inspired our tag line, HISTORY + STYLE COLLLIDE.

KARASTAN: Now, nearly two decades later, where do you draw your design inspiration from today?

Patina Vie Mademoiselle Candles -3

Patina Vie Mademoiselle Candles

SARAH WILLETT: Our process is ever-changing and wildly inspired (thank goodness)!! We love to have lots of projects all in the works at once… which allows us to layer “pretty” onto many different products as we go.   We adore nostalgic touches and subtle, artful details that celebrate craftsmanship. We’re inspired by nature, vintage textiles, travel, European architecture, soulful music, barefoot days with our dogs snoozing under our desks… you name it… we’re obsessed with just about anything we can get our hands on!

KARASTAN: What are some of your favorite home décor trends of 2017?


Patina Vie French Petite Urn Lamp

SARAH WILLETT: I’m coveting the casual art of UNDECORATED looks… natural woods, easy fabrics, rugs that have a subtle imperfection (as if they’ve already lived), pops of earthy-saturated colors.

KARASTAN: What color trends are you loving right now?

SARAH WILLETT: I’m craving matte WHITE, vintage WARM GOLD, deep INDIGO, subtle BLUSH + dirty LAVENDER (I could go on and on……)!!

Vintage European Deconstructed Sofa

Vintage European Deconstructed Sofa

KARASTAN: Patina Vie is known for its appreciation of vintage style. Have you noticed any timeless trends that continue to inspire your designs, season after season?

SARAH WILLETT: Forever and ever I will be a fan of vintage architectural touches… they give a home nostalgia and a gorgeous connection to the past (I have a set of 5 horse stable shutter doors all lined up in a room just leaning against the wall to create delicious drama… I smile every time I walk past). On my patio I hoard crumbling old European urns and concrete garden pots… I have a true problem : ) Timeless forevermore!!

Vintage Belgian Beer Crate & Bottles, 13 Pcs

Vintage Belgian Beer Crate & Bottles, 13 Pcs

KARASTAN: Summer is such a fun season to play with new colors, patterns and textures. What is currently on your list of summer ‘must-haves’ for the home?


Patina Vie Vintage Caning Pillow/ Silver

SARAH WILLETT: It’s about 95 degrees here right now… we are in the heart of a luscious Wisconsin summer. I’m CRAVING indigo and white dip dye SHIBORI in every room.   Rugs, curtain panels, throw pillows, ceramics… so, so good!

KARASTAN: For those of us who aren’t designers, the creative process of decorating a space can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do you usually start when redecorating or starting fresh in a new space?

SARAH WILLETT: Such a great question… as the process can be very overwhelming… but no need!   I tend to start with one piece that I am in LOVE with… (you know what I mean here)… a fresh new pillow that you HAD to have… the RUG that you can’t stop dreaming about.. the sofa that you’ve told all your friends to check out on your Pinterest board.   START WITH WHAT YOU LOVE.   It will inspire all the other layers and choices you need to make…!!

KARASTAN: Do you have any tried-and-true tips for pulling the look of a room together?

SARAH WILLETT: I also always throw in something special and nostalgic to me… a great old photo, a framed hand-written note or keepsake that gives my space more soul.   We all want to live in a home that is authentic to us… that feels uniquely personal… this will make your heart sing every time (I promise).

KARASTAN: What are your favorite blogs or publications to follow?

SARAH WILLETT: This question is absolute TROUBLE!   My magazine subscription list is insane. I adore paper pages that I can scribble notes on… tear out … and tuck into any project we’re working on. A few forever-favorites: The World of Interiors (British, the photos are so to-die-for… I’m left breathless with every issue), ELLE DÉCOR (inspiring features, trends, covetable rooms), WHERE WOMEN CREATE (coolest collection of inspiring, creative women) , AFAR (I’m on an airplane almost every week… But generally just zipping to meetings… AFAR is littered with destinations from my dreams), WALLPAPER (British, if you want bits of cool from ever corner), VANITY FAIR (I always buy the latest copy in airports… a great flip when you’re tucked back in the middle seat of row 38! Fashion, celebrities, gossip, design, politics, art, a little sass thrown in…. love the vibe).

Blogs are such fun… truth-be-told… we’re addicted to pretty photos… the more we can drool over the better!! Modern Hepburn Tumblr (pretty, pretty, pretty), A Daily Something (a celebration of daily somethings), Honey Pie Living (enchantingly beautiful photos and writings), Home-Mint-Home Tumblr (inspiring interiors).

KARASTAN: Okay… we’re dying to know! Out of all the beautiful area rugs you’ve collaborated with Karastan to design, do you have a favorite?

SARAH WILLETT:   My answer is in honor of my grandmother, Barb… as we both are obsessed with our country garden flowers. Every time I see her, I ask… what is your favorite? Her answer never lets me down, “whatever is blooming today”..!!

It’s my same problem with our Karastan/Patina Vie rugs too… I love them all.   They all make my mouth water and my palms a little sweaty. The opportunity to see our artwork come to life on such a grand scale has been an absolute honor.   We couldn’t be more delighted… cheers + thanks!!


Pictured above is the Martinique Area Rug in Hazelnut, a piece designed in partnership with Patina Vie

Curate your own inspired interior with these hand-picked pieces and dreamy designs courtesy of our fashionable friends at Patina Vie!



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Highlights from Spring 2017 One Room Challenge

We love working with the talented bloggers and interior designers selected to participate in the One Room Challenge, a bi-annual event where bloggers makeover a room in just six weeks! For some, that would seem like an enormously daunting task to accomplish in such a short amount of time. As a sponsor of the Spring One Room Challenge, we worked with six talented bloggers, providing them with everything from wall-to-wall broadloom carpet to custom bound area rugs.


Here are some of the highlights of the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge:

Christine Dovey


Christine Dovey, an interior designer and blogger in Toronto, Canada, renovated her entire basement. With her unique style, she converted the entire area into multiple sections, including a whimsical play area for her children. The main part of her basement featured Karastan’s Antelope animal print carpet from our new Savanna Scenes Collection. Visit her website to see amazing before/after pictures!


Erin Hatzis – Suburban Bees


Erin, one of the two Suburban Bees, had the toughest client to work with this One Room Challenge: her 9 year old daughter. Her tween bedroom and bathroom makeover was a huge success, and included Karastan’s Fassi area rug underneath the bed. What a perfect way to wake up in the morning! Visit her website to see the completed room.


Holly Hollingsworth Phillips – The English Room


We’ve worked with Holly, interior designer for The English Room, on a number of One Room Challenges and she has the most eclectic style. We love everything about this bedroom makeover: from the soft, pink ceilings to the bold wallpaper and artwork. Our new Snow Leopard carpet from our Savanna Scenes collection compliments every single element in this room. Check out the incredible after photos on her website!


Kristin Cadwallader – Bliss At Home


Our animal prints were a big hit among the One Room Challenge bloggers this spring, and Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss At Home requested our Ashen Antelope carpet for use as a stair runner in her entry way makeover. This 1942 Connecticut colonial has such character, and the stair runner is a beautiful contrast to the soft, grey walls that greet you when you enter Kristin’s stunning home. To see Kristin’s beautiful entry way and living room makeover, visit her website.


Katy Lyle – A Touch of Teal


Finally, Katy from A Touch of Teal, spent her six weeks redoing her modern rustic kitchen. The neutral kitchen, with pops of teal color (naturally!) throughout the room, features Karastan’s Tybee area rug in silver. The gorgeous rug compliments the teal of the kitchen chairs beautifully! Visit Katy’s blog to see the kitchen!


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A Fashionable Future: Karastan Partners with Patina Vie in 2017

The City of Lights sparkled with style when Karastan opened showroom doors for the second time so far this year at the highly awaited Las Vegas Market. Held biannually in Las Vegas’s World Market Center, the Las Vegas Market is the West Coast’s only home furnishings market and attracts the attention of luxury buyers and interior designers from across the globe. Prior to the Las Vegas Market, Karastan unveiled 2017 designs to the East Coast at Atlanta’s International Area Rug Market. Never one to disappoint, Karastan revealed its latest collaboration with the inspiring lifestyle brand Patina Vie just weeks before this year’s market season began, undoubtedly adding to the anticipation in the air.

Karastan_Patina_Vie_Cosmopolitan_Mineral_Bleu_and_Cosmopolitan_Frech_Affair_Brushed_Gold_01[1] (1)

“Patina Vie is a brand we feel strongly aligns with the devotion to quality design that is a trademark of Karastan,” said Tracy Pruitt, Karastan Vice President of Design. “The Patina Vie motto, ‘where history and style collide,’ is perfectly in step with Karastan’s approach for product introductions. Karastan and Patina Vie share a similar passion for historical patterning and ornament while making these styles modern and palatable for today’s market.”


“Patina Vie does integrate vintage looks into its lifestyle, but it is much more than just a design archetype. The founder, Sarah Willett, seeks design that blends history with current trends in a way that stands out from the rest of the market. Patina Vie balances cutting edge fashion with authentic livability in a way that is truly unique,” added Brandon Culpepper, Karastan Vice President of Specialty Sales.

ATL17-Winter- Patina Vie (1)

Renowned for their beautiful expressions of vintage and antique style, Patina Vie’s designs are strikingly realized in contemporary scale and layout. “Their layering of unexpected patterns, such as a traditionally French damask with a Japanese shabori pattern, creates a wholly contemporary product that is so appealing, fresh and ingenious that customers are clamoring for their work. Patina Vie is a brand with exploding momentum and we are excited and proud to be creating a beautiful line of rugs utilizing their innovative approach to design and lifestyle,” added Pruitt.

Bart Hill, Senior Vice President at Home Home, Patina Vie’s Sarah Willett, and Rocky Casteel, Mohawk Home’s President

The antique inspired artisans of Patina Vie collaborated with Karastan to create couture worthy designs for three collections: the luxurious New Zealand Wool™ Titanium Collection, the contemporary viscose spiked Smartstrand Silk™ Cosmopolitan Collection and the transitional Smartstrand Silk™ Touchstone Collection. You may recognize Patina Vie from their renowned collections of glassware, marble, ceramic and bedding seen at Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Bloomingdales and other specialty boutiques around the world. Prior to the Las Vegas Market, Karastan unveiled 2017 designs to the East Coast at Atlanta’s International Area Rug Market, held January 10-17 at AmericasMart.




Design Concepts Karastan

Karastan Premier Designer Project: Chicago Retreat

We love it when Karastan Premier Designers share with us images from some of their gorgeous interiors. So when M. Grace Sielaff, Karastan Premier Designer and managing principal of M. Grace Designs, Inc. out of Chicago, sent us photos from one of her latest projects, we just knew we had to share it with our Live Beautifully readers!

Read on for our Q&A with Grace about this beautiful Chicago retreat, complete with Karastan’s luxury wool carpet.

Karastan: Where was this project?

Grace:  Chicago, IL

Karastan: What were you hired to do?

Grace: Our client is from Denver, Colorado. We were hired to design their two-bedroom unit condo in River North, Chicago. It is our client’s second home. They wanted a second home so they can visit their parents on the weekends.

Karastan: Sounds great! What was the look the client wanted? How were you able to translate their vision?

Grace: Our client wanted a transitional with a minimalist modern living space. From the client’s perspective, they wanted to leave it all to me to come up with ideas. So we created this space with touches of their favorite color and then translated their ideal look within the allocated budget.

Karastan: What was your approach to this project?

Grace: I listened to their needs, and then presented the ideas, color palette, and furnishings one room at a time. I’m passionate about the outcome because the client was so easy to work with.

Karastan: Why did you decide to use a Karastan carpet?

Grace: I’ve incorporated Karastan’s Woolston Plaid in Castle Wall because of its nice transitional modern look. It has a bold yet subtle pattern, and it’s the first thing you notice when you walk into the room.

Karastan: Why did you decide to cut and bind the rug as opposed to going wall to wall?

Grace: Our client wanted area rugs in all the room.

Karastan:  Tell us about this room – what’s the focal point? What look did you achieve?

Grace: We achieved a dramatic, minimal yet subtle living environment. The focal point is in the living room. Everything’s anchored with the space, including the art, the loveseat and the area rug.

Karastan: What was the client’s response to the bedroom?

Grace: The bedroom was a haven to them. They feel like it’s a home away from home. We ended up with a successful project because they were just a remarkable couple to work with.

Thanks, Grace for sharing your beautiful work with us, too!

Private Residence
Private Residence
Private Residence
Private Residence
Private Residence
Private Residence
Private Residence
Private Residence

About M. Grace Sielaff:

Grace, a Karastan Premier Designer, is a recognized expert in color and is the recipient of the ASID Design Excellence Award from the American Society of Interior Designers, (ASID). Grace’s interiors have been published and featured in: Luxury Home Quarterly, Design Bureau Magazine, CS Interiors,The MTV Production, HGTV- Home & Garden Television, Chicago Luxury Home and Condo, StyleChicago, Garden Design magazine, Spectacular HOMES, Chicago Tribune, and DreamHome at Design Center Merchandise Mart. For additional information about Grace, visit her website here!

Follow Grace on social media using the links below, and visit her Premier Designer profile on the Designer Match section of Karastan’s website.

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Interior Designer Spotlight: M. Grace Sielaff’s Luxury Great Room

Chicago based interior designer M. Grace Sielaff of M. Grace Designs, Inc. is a visionary. She’s an award winning Interior Designer, a member of Karastan Premier Designers, and was named one of the Best 15 Interior Designers in Chicago in 2014. Recently, we sat down with Grace to discuss a custom design project for a client in Oak Brook, IL. In the following interview, Grace shares with us some of her inspiration and process when it comes to approaching this interior design project.


Live Beautifully: Grace, this room is gorgeous! How did you approach this project and what did your client want from this room?

Grace Sielaff: This great room provided us with plentiful daylight and open space. Our client wanted a minimal space to entertain guests, as well as a sectional seating facing the fireplace. So, we used neutral colors with a punch of luxurious yellow, and texture throughout the space to add warmth and love.


Live Beautifully: What was your inspiration for the interior design?

Grace Sielaff: We came up with a color scheme that the client absolutely loves, which radiates with both happiness and warmth!


Live Beautifully: Did you pick one element and then design the room around that piece, such as the existing fireplace? What was your design process?

Grace Sielaff: We knew we were keeping the fireplace but first we determined paint selection. From there, we came up with the overall color scheme. After that, we presented our client with a color concept and incorporated all other materials.

Live Beautifully: Why did you select our Exotics Majestic Leopard carpet, which you had cut and bound to fit this space?

Grace Sielaff: The Majestic Leopard carpet was ideal for this traditional space. It provides warmth, texture, and anchors the space with a significant wow factor!


Live Beautifully: We love the artwork in this room, can you tell us more about it?

Grace Sielaff: The art is from Gallerique and is an oil on canvas painting by Ted Stanuga called “Torso.”


Live Beautifully: How long does a project like this usually take?

Grace Sielaff: This particular project took 4-6 months because everything had to be custom made.


Live Beautifully: Thanks for sharing this beautiful room with us! The photography really captures the warmth and light in the room.

Grace Sielaff: Absolutely! Chris Bradley Photography did a great job photographing this space.

Design Concepts Room Ideas

Highlights from the Fall One Room Challenge

One of our highlights for 2015 was our carpet sponsorship of the Fall One Room Challenge™, is a biannual event every April and October. Each round, twenty designers are invited to take the challenge and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over the six weekly posts. Eight bloggers selected Karastan carpets to feature in their room makeover, and the results were absolutely gorgeous! Here are some of the highlights from their projects:



Vanessa Francis is an interior decorator living in a suburb of Toronto, Canada with her husband and teenage daughter. She chose to makeover her master bedroom into a little Parisian getaway. The end result was a pretty and serene room featuring a palette that was fairly neutral. The varying textures from linen, velvet, and wool from her Karastan Woolcraft Nouveau carpet in Metro Grey provided a unique element to her new bedroom sanctuary. The Alexanian Carpet and Flooring in Toronto did a great job serging Vanessa’s new area rug.

©Jim Zeilan
©Jim Zeilan


 An interior designer from Texas, Jennifer Beshears blogs at The Pink Pagoda. In her One Room Challenge project she showcased not one but two Karastan carpets. She chose to redo the entranceway of her friend Jane’s home, and the resulting stairwell is stunning. The herringbone pattern of Karastan’s Cobble Ridge in Driftwood is a beautiful neutral color for the home’s entryway.


Beneath the secretary desk is our Wool Crochet carpet in French Beige that was cut and bound to fit the entryway. The stripes in the rug are a nice contrast to the herringbone pattern of the stair runner. Clifton Carpet did an amazing job installing the stair runner!



Mallory is a fashion and décor blogger at Style Your Senses, a life and style blog for the modern millennial. For her master bedroom redo, Mallory swapped beige for a mostly neutral and soft color palette with lots of plays on texture. Our new Patola carpet in Almond Cream, cut and bound to fit beneath her bed, brightens up the entire bedroom.



You could spend hours scrolling through the pictures of Holly’s room makeover and you still won’t discover all of the hidden elements that puts the wow factor into this living room. The room is bright, bold and colorful with different textures and patterns, exotic artwork and accessories.



Holly selected a carpet from our Exotics Collection in Aberdale Antelope and it’s the perfect foundation for the entire room.



Arianna of Arianna Belle is an interior design blogger living in California who makes custom high-end decorative pillows. Her room redesign features large pieces that are neutral in color with purple and blue pillows, art and other accessories throughout the room. The Area Rug Factory in Ventura County cut and bound the rug, our new Patola carpet in Almond Cream, which is a beautifully fit to the room.



Inspired by a photo of a black and white check room that looks like it is right at home in the English Countryside, our celebrity interior design blogger Kimberly Schlegel Whitman completely transformed the living room at her White Oaks Ranch. The room boasts mixed metallics, plenty of equine accents and artwork, and even a pair of retired polo mallets.


The foundation of the room features our Woolston Plaid cut and bound rug in Redefined Khaki; the print compliments the beautiful pattern on the drapery as well as the animal pattern textiles scattered throughout the room.



Sherry is an interior designer living in Atlanta who blogs at Design Indulgence. For her One Room Challenge, she transformed the living room and dining room of her sister’s home mixing new furniture and accessories with various fabrics and textiles. The living room features our Woolston Plaid carpet in Shoreline, which provided a unique pattern that really complimented the space. From the light walls to the urbane bronze on the built-ins, this new living space boasts a beautiful black and white modern decor with a cozy feel.

What do you think of all of the before and after shots from these blogger projects? We love them all! Let us know which ones were your favorite in the comments.



Design Concepts

Instagram #DesignerTakeover


This is M. Grace Sielaff, the founder of @mgracedesigns. On September 26-27, Grace took over the Karastan Instagram account for a #DesignerTakeover for the entire weekend! In case you missed it, we pulled together all of Grace’s images and commentary for this blog post on Live Beautifully. If you haven’t already, make sure you start following us on Instagram @karastancarpet and let us know what you think of Grace’s images!


“I’m super excited to be taking over the Karastan Instagram account for the weekend. Get ready for some design inspiration, a behind-the-scenes look at my life as an interior designer, and the reasons why I love @karastancarpet!

Help me kickoff #NationalKarastanMonth by visiting this link. You can download the Karastan rebate coupon and get up to $1,000 back on your purchase of beautiful and luxurious @KarastanCarpet!”


“Here’s a look at my little project from today—a vintage-inspired glass table all set for dinner. Loving the Woolston Plaid area rug. Makes it a classic statement.” Photo by @mgracedesigns. #DesignerTakeover #National KarastanMonth


“Sneak peek of a fun decor project I’m working on for tonight!”

Photo by M. Grace Sielaff of @mgracedesigns. #DesignerTakeover #NationalKarastanMonth


“This is what I call understated luxury. It’s Karastan’s Violetta pattern, made of 100% New Zealand wool and is the perfect choice when looking for soft neutrals. Right now during #NationalKarastanMonth, you can get up to $1,000 off Karastan carpets.”


“As an interior designer, much of my inspiration comes from my travels. I spotted this gorgeous architectural detail in Orvieto, Italy. The sophisticated structure and gray color reminded me of the textured Karastan wool #carpet, Woolcraft Nouveau in Metro Gray.”


“In the showroom with some of my favorite Karastan styles today! From top to bottom: Patola in Denim Wash; Woolcraft Nouveau in Windsor Tan; Astor Row in Fleece; Woolspun in Silver Sage. Let me know in the comments which of these textures/colors you like the best!”


“I’m often designing and decorating in very unique spaces. I love that I can get custom cut-and-bound Karastan carpets as rugs.”


“I’m always looking for color and pattern #inspiration. Would love to see this one as an area rug! I took this photo during my trip to Barcelona. Have you ever found decor inspiration in an expected place? Where?”

M Grace Sielaff karastan .jpg

“Thanks for joining me for the @KarastanCarpet #DesignerTakeover! Remember to look for inspiration in unexpected places. It makes a difference to find the right, high-quality decor items that reflect your style and your lifestyle.

This is Grace, signing off! You can keep up with my life and #interiordesign projects at @mgracedesigns. Don’t forget to take advantage of #NationalKarastanMonth, the lowest prices of the season on luxury #carpet.”