The Innovation of a Classic

Since the first coveted crop of Karastan ‘Wonder Rugs’ arrived at Wanamaker’s New York department store in 1928, the brand has upheld a legacy of quality, beauty and durability. The Karastan rugs’ debut created quite a sensation, as Marshall Field & Co. pioneered a machine-made oriental design rug that was almost impossible to distinguish from the imported originals. Today, the Karastan legacy lives on, leading the industry in both value and design.

As we ventured into 2015, we furthered that legacy with the creation of our highly anticipated Sovereign Collection, which we introduced on Live Beautifully late last year. Inspired by some of Karastan’s iconic best sellers and refreshed with a vibrant palette of modern color, we couldn’t help but steal another moment in the lime light for the Sovereign Collection as we ponder all that is simultaneously antique and luxurious this month. Built on the renowned design foundation of our roots and restored with the rich color choices of today, our Sovereign Collection is the best of both worlds, offering timeless tradition cast in a fresh, new light.

E_rm_scene-2 copy


Perfect for sumptuously pulling together an oversized living room or great room, the breathtaking Emir style from the Sovereign Collection is available in sizes as large as 10 feet by 14 feet.

Jafet Edit2014


Full of rich detail and saturated color, the Maharajah style is another from the Sovereign Collection that is available in multiple sizes, to elegantly enhance your space.



Still the Wonder Rug of America

In 1928, Karastan took American by storm, introducing heirloom quality machine made rugs made domestically that replicated timeless elements found in Persian handmade rugs. From the moment our first rug came off the loom (2:02 pm April 8, 1928) our name has been synonymous with elegant and rivaled their handmade counterparts.

Marshall Field was able to build a loom so far advanced in technology his handmade rugs were originally dubbed the “Mystery Rugs.”

In fact, Karastan produced a rug that literally “floored” 3 million viewers at the World’s Fair in 1933 in Chicago. Karastan created a large version of its still top selling pattern Kirman. We put it on display and invited the world to walk on it. More than 5 million people left their footprints and fair stains all over the rug. We cleaned half the rug so people could see how well our rugs recover. The rug still exists in the same state today. The Wonder Rug continues to inspire all of us at Karastan, and was on display at Westchester Home for an Interior Designer Event in October 2014. Its no wonder our rugs because known as the “Wonder Rugs of America”.

As a Karastan employee, I am proud to celebrate Karastan’s heritage of excellence and also delighted to share a “behind-the-scenes” look into one of the most well-known, timeless, and most luxurious area rugs in the world. As a contributing blogger for Live Beautifully, I’ll be writing about Karastan’s products, providing all of readers with an insider’s look into our beautiful carpets and rugs.


About Karastan’s Rugs

While the world has evolved since Karastan was founded in 1928, one thing remains, and that is our enduring, uncompromising commitment to quality. From design to finishing and packaging, more than 30 skillful craftsmen care for each Karastan rug. Our rugs are manufactured in Eden, NC, which is also the home of our most celebrated treasure – our employees.

Design Concepts Karastan

It’s Not the House, But What’s Inside


Karastan considers the New American Home (NAH) as one of the company’s most important projects of the year. It is a tremendous opportunity to show builders how Karastan can support them with a complete selection of flooring choices, in any project from large to small.

Each year, the NAH is built to showcase the latest technology in the home building industry. Over the years, the end result is a “one of a kind” custom home that provides the spaces and the price points to showcase such advanced products.

For 2015, the NAH featured a four-bedroom, 5,891-square-foot desert contemporary home in the Sky Terrace community on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Built and designed by Blue Heron, the show home presented a collection of takeaway ideas for every price point that can be rolled into mass production quickly and efficiently.

The home demonstrates how the most cutting-edge building technology, products and materials can be integrated into a production community. The home is designed and built to exceed Emerald status, the highest level of certification from the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.

Features in the NAH included photovoltaic panels, open spray-foam insulation, a weather-sensitive irrigation system that automatically adjusts usage relative to the immediate climate, high-efficiency water heaters, hydronic air handlers, intelligent fireplaces, balanced daylighting and low-maintenance building materials.

The many renowned suppliers for the home are a representation of the best of the best in their industries. This year, Karastan was selected to provide both luxury carpeting and rugs to outfit the NAH. Karastan’s Vienne, Chic Vibe, New Direction, Libertine and Woven Grassland carpets were all featured in the home. Karastan carpets are known for their artistry, innovation and craftsmanship with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, which made them a perfect fit in such a unique environment.


Karastan also took this unique opportunity to host product demonstrations exclusively for Modenus and Las Vegas BlogTour.


BlogTour invites the world’s most influential design and lifestyle bloggers to national and international destinations where they immerse themselves in trade shows, showrooms, design events, and local culture. The bloggers then share with their audiences across their social platforms their newfound knowledge and up close and personal encounters.

The group graciously agreed to tour the home and to see for themselves why Karastan carpet fits the bill for a home replete with the best furnishings, products and design elements in the world.

And, of course the house was AMAZING. Based on the bit of reading I had done prior to my visit to the 2015 New American Home in Las Vegas, I was anticipating a house that was elegant, functional, efficient and green.


It was definitely all that I anticipated – and so much more. From the moment we pulled up to the home located on the earthy and peaceful outskirts of Las Vegas, it was apparent that this home intentionally blended in with its natural surroundings. The southern girl in me couldn’t help but smile as I imagined what a cactus would look like in my flowerbeds!


Walking through each room in the home was truly an experience. With the latest concepts in architecture flowing throughout the home, and stunning design on the inside and out and everywhere in between, it had all of the elements of the perfect show home.

What I didn’t count on as I was walking from room to room for the first time, was watching this house come to life before my very eyes. You know the saying, ‘it’s not the house, but what’s inside’? For a few brief minutes, this beautiful home with all of its impressive design elements and innovative features still felt empty.

But, then Blogtour Vegas arrived! This fabulous group of design bloggers accompanied by the Modenus team entered the home with a determined sense of exploration! One by one as they entered the home, you could feel the buzz of energy and excitement as they began taking pictures and discussing the design details of the home.


This talented group of lively individuals made this house a home in a matter of minutes! It was only then that I could truly appreciate all the 2015 New American Home has to offer.

Take a moment to explore the New American Home through the eyes and personal experiences of some of these talented bloggers. Click on the links below!

#BlogTourVegas Bloggers:

Karastan Trends

Served with a Side of Shag

The modern shag rugs of today’s market have come a long way since their psychedelic swirled ancestors of the 1970’s. More sumptuous and stylish than ever, our Prima Shag collection will have you craving their cozy touch in every space. While thankfully you won’t find any lava lamps or simmering incense here, these shag styles prove they still know how to steal the show!

The Fassi, a heavenly soft member of our Prima Shag collection, enhances the style and appeal of this hallway. Like the Fassi shows, a shag rug beautifully warms up a stretch of cold, hardwood flooring.

RG953 108 063091_rm01


Additional information about Fassi rug is available on the Karastan website.

We love how easily the Temara Lattice, another superb design from our Prima Shag collection, adds an inviting aura of luxury to the simplistic and structured décor of this urban living room.



Detail image of Temara Lattice in Camel and more product information available on our website.

In addition to incorporating a shag rug into your everyday living spaces, consider placing one asymmetrically under your bed for a delicious morning treat for your cold feet. We love the elegant diamond pattern of our versatile Zenata for a dreamy master bedroom oasis.


Detail image of Zenata in Taupe and more product information available on our website.

Or if you have a little one, why not incorporate a shag area rug, like the playful chevron print of the Mimosa Strip, into your nursery design? Providing the perfect amount of plush padding for your little one’s crawling grounds, a shag area rug also adds an element of subtle style for an inviting, modern nursery.


Detail image of Mimosa Stripe in Camel and more product information available on our website.

The soft, neutral palette combined with the textural elements of our clean geometric prints incorporated in the designs of the Prima Shag collection will compliment your décor instead of competing with it, unlike the distracting and flamboyant shags of eras past.

What do you think of the modern shag styles of our Prima Shag collection? We’d love to hear from you and see how you live beautifully!











Atlanta Market Trends and Karastan

Last week was the 58th consecutive January showing of the International Area Rug Market’s winter edition, held at Atlanta’s AmericasMart. More than 1,400 unique showrooms and 2,500 temporary exhibits displayed the freshest color palettes and most desired textures for spring! Based on what we saw at the Atlanta market, 2015 is going to be a beautiful year.

Here’s our recap of five of the key decorating trends showcased in Atlanta, and how Karastan was right on top of these exciting trends!

  1.  Indigo’s influence was undeniable! If you’re looking to add Indigo to your home decor, try our Bentley Indigo rug.


2. Shades of Marsala, the Pantone 2015 Color of the Year, added a sultry spice to neutrals. For a rug that really makes a statement, try Karastan’s Mahir.


3.   Black and white is refined with luxurious neutral accents. Our Serengeti Gallery rug in Black is a bold piece for any room, and would pair perfectly with neutral accessories and furnishings.


4. Vibrant designs and bursts of color breathed new life into a neutral motif, like our Larkhall Granite rug, a SmartStrand from Karastan’s Euphoria Collection.


5.  Sumptuous shag is updated with inspiration taken from traditional Moroccan tiles. Our Temara Lattice  rug, part of the Prima Shag collection, has a sophisticated, modern style that is accentuated by repeating motifs and elegant neutral colors.



Were you at the Atlanta Market? Which trends are you most excited about for Spring 2015? Let us know in the comments section!


Currently a resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Rachel enjoys spending her time outside of the office freelance writing, cheering on the Tennessee Vols, spending weekends on the lake with her boyfriend and their golden retriever, staying active with barre fitness classes, and exploring her new home. Rachel is also currently the Online Content Management Specialist for Mohawk Home.



Introducing: The Sovereign Collection

Before the New Year draws to a close, we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest rug collection: The Sovereign Collection. This new Karastan collection exemplifies style and luxury. The collection boasts five rugs, all with unique designs and bold patterns.

Taking inspiration from best selling designs, the Sovereign Collection seeks to revitalize the Karastan legacy.


The Emir is a beautiful update on a traditional Sultanabad Persian design. This rug is perfect for the millennial traditionalist; classic medallions are connected by intertwining vines in a fury of colors set against a striking black background. The minimal border offsets the complex ground, creating a lovely balance.

The other rugs in the Sovereign Collection includes:


Maharajah Navy – The intricate design, combined with bright, bold colors, makes this Persian rug a truly unique piece.



Sultana Navy – The gorgeous design of the Sultana rug features a symmetrical presentation of lovely palmettes on a navy ground with a multiple border of regal red and tan.


Rounding out the collection are the Anastasia and Contessa rugs, both featuring reimagined traditional patterns with updated modern colors.


All rugs in the Sovereign collection are woven on Axminster looms in the USA of soft, 100% New Zealand wool. The collection is available at Karastan retailers throughout the United States; you can find one in your neighborhood by using our retailer search tool on the Karastan website.


What do you think about our new Sovereign Collection? Let us know in the comments section!




Design Concepts Karastan

Karastan’s New Pacifica Collection

We’re excited to launch Karastan’s all new Pacifica Collection. Crafted from Everstrand fiber, these stunning rugs take style to new heights with their superior softness and durability.

Bell Haven Black, Bentley Gray and Bentley Indigo


Casual, laid back and sophisticated, the designs of the Pacifica Collection combine modern color combinations with elegantly refined designers.

Bal Harbour Indigo, Briarcliff Indigo and Highgate Black
Bal Harbour Indigo, Briarcliff Indigo and Highgate Black

The collection evokes a sense of optimism with fresh, soft and sun washed hues.

Bonita Beige, Castleton Aqua and Collier Gray
Bonita Beige, Castleton Aqua and Collier Gray

Everstrand is a premium recycled polyester fiber that starts clean and stays clean because it utilizes the highest-grade plastic from recycled beverage bottles.

Emerson Beige, Kingston Indigo and Leawood Tan
Emerson Beige, Kingston Indigo and Leawood Tan


Everstrand includes up to 100% recycled content and offers inherent “stain free” beauty.

Olympia Beige, Seabridge Beige and Seabridge Tan
Olympia Beige, Seabridge Beige and Seabridge Tan


The Pacifica Collection of rugs is available in a variety of sizes; contact your local Karastan retailer for details!

What do you like best about our new Pacifica Collection? Let us know in the comments!


Design Concepts Karastan

National Karastan Month Pinterest Inspiration

Did you know that it’s National Karastan Month at participating retailers throughout the United States? That means from now, until November 10, 2014, our participating retailers are offering some of the lowest prices of the season on Karastan carpets, as well as a $1,000 coupon towards a new Karastan carpet. We’ve also arranged for special financing on all Karastan carpets, which makes Fall 2014 the perfect time to make a new purchase! For additional details about National Karastan Month, visit our website.

To celebrate National Karastan Month, we created a Pinterest board full of images of our luxurious carpets. Get inspired to make a change this fall with these amazing patterns and styles:


If you love the Greek Key Square, then you’ll love the sophisticated pattern of our Serafina carpet in Desert Sand.



If your taste is more towards whimsical and elegance, we recommend our Marie Louise carpet in Verde Marina. The floral trellis on a stria background is a classic beauty.


Karastan carpets aren’t just elegant but are also soft and plush. Unique coloration and with a loop texture will capture your attention with our Tonal Charm carpet, but the feel beneath your feet will simply floor you. Made of Karastan Kashmere, a premium Karastan nylon fiber, it’s extremely soft and durable!



When it comes to modern carpets, look no further than our Metropolitan collection. Our Natural Order carpet, made with SmartStrand Contract DuPont Sorona fiber, is both sophisticated and tough.



Finally, if you haven’t already fallen in love with wool carpet, take a look at our Woolston Plaid collection. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, our Woolston Plaid carpet brings a modern look to a traditional pattern that has been a Karastan staple for years.

Are you looking to purchase a new Karastan carpet? Which of our product lines do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section!



Live Life and Live Beautifully

Welcome to Karastan’s new shelter blog, Live Beautifully! We are excited about our launch and look forward to becoming a go-to destination for all of your online lifestyle needs.

The Live Beautifully blog was created with the Karastan consumer in mind, and will include features of interest to the upscale homeowner. Our blog’s “elements of style” will include everything from the latest trends to the finest furnishings. Our features will showcase a selection of the very best in architecture, interiors, design, home décor, and overall lifestyle interests.

This month’s issue of Live Beautifully will include:

  • This month, we sit front row at Fashion Week’s runways and will blog about some of the high-end fashion trends that will be available in 2015.
  • When it comes to home entertaining, we will feature a blog post with elegant ideas and delicious recipes for Sunday brunch.
  • As part of the Karastan designers of distinction program, one of our favorite interior designers from Chicago will launch her monthly column on Live Beautifully, and will have some amazing fall interior ideas!
  • The Karastan Pinterest page is full of pins that inspire: from upscale travel to color specific trends in home design. Our Pinterest roundup blog post will provide you with our favorite picks from all of our Pinterest boards.
  • Finally, at the end of the month, we will be announcing the details of National Karastan Month.

We have a team of amazing contributors lined up for Live Beautifully: lifestyle experts, award winning interior designers, architects, artists, and much more! If you would like to contribute to our blog, or have original content you think would be a great fit for the Live Beautifully reader, make sure you fill out our blogger submission form (enter link).

Welcome to our blog, where we help you live life and live beautifully.