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Karastan Goes Glamping at High Point Market

Last month, Karastan reached the final destination of their 2017 market tour at North Carolina’s High Point Market.  The largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, High Point Market biannually attracts attention from over 75,000 industry insiders from over 100 different countries.  Each April and October, over 2,000 exhibitors flood the 11.5 million square feet of show space for five fashion filled days showcasing the freshest and the finest home décor for the season ahead.  It’s no wonder the market is touted as, ‘The World’s Home for Home Furnishings.’

glamping, karastan

Once inside the Karastan showroom doors, both patrons and professionals alike relished in a retreat from reality with Karastan’s dreamy bohemian glamping getaway!  The ‘glamping’ themed showroom, short for glam camping, was inspired by the debut of Karastan’s latest collaboration collection with the intriguingly luxurious and invitingly livable lifestyle brand, Patina Vie.

glamping, karastan

Old world panache is woven with modern functionality in the luxurious new Vintage Tapis Collection.  Honoring the timeless artistry of rustic hand knotted Persian rugs, the Vintage Tapis Collection elegantly emulates traditional craftsmanship in a fresh palette of the season’s most coveted colors.  The low profile, flat weave designs of this collection offer a relaxed drape, allowing for the ability to fold like traditional style rugs and strike a beautiful balance of antique elegance.  Individually imparting an authentic aesthetic and luxurious heirloom quality, the debuts of the Vintage Tapis Collection are steeped in vintage style and crafted with care.

glamping, karastan

While Karastan’s showroom doors are since sealed until the next market held in April, we invite you to sneak a peek at some of the moments captured from this industry insider exclusive event!



How to Find the Perfect Carpet for Fall

From pumpkins to daisies and woven baskets to autumn leaves, the colors and styles of fall are some of the most beautiful of the year. Orange tones brighten up your home while earthy browns and splashes of gold dot your décor and showcase the beauty of natural color.

With so many different options, what are your favorite ways to update your fall décor? Do you like to touch up some paint, purchase new furniture or simply add a pumpkin to your front porch? One thing that people don’t often realize is how big of a role the perfect carpet plays in tying together your décor! The perfect fall carpet needs to keep your feet warm and cozy while still able to stand up to the mud and slush of fall, all while still maintaining a beautiful color.

Check out our guide to finding the perfect fall carpet:

Step #1: Choose Your Location

Where you plan on putting a carpet will dictate what type of carpet you purchase. Places like living rooms and stairs receive the most direct traffic and will require denser, more durable carpets with heavier weights. These are great areas for wool carpets, due to their superior durability and ease of cleaning. If you’re looking to upgrade the carpet in your bedroom or guest room, these areas receive less traffic and allows you to be more flexible in the type of carpet you purchase. These areas are great for fibers like SmartStrand because of the silky softness that they give to your feet, but we’ll get more into fibers later!

fall carpet


Step #2: Choose a Color

It may seem like one of the most obvious things to do, but it’s also one of the most important! A lighter tone is much more resistant to fading than a deep, rich color. For a sunroom or area with large bay windows, a softer hue like our Bergeron in Peach Parfait is a great choice.  When designing a fun fall guest room, go bold! A rich orange or gold carpet like our Fifth Avenue Flair in 18 Karat well help your guest feel like they’re stepping into a luxurious new world. To outfit the man cave, think about adding a distressed carpet like Kingsley in Chantilly. Kingsley gives your room a rustic look with a luxurious feel. Your feet sink into the carpet while you’re relaxing in your personal oasis.

fall carpet


Step #3: Choose a Fiber

When it comes to finding the perfect fall carpet, durability and ease of cleaning has to be near the top of your list. A fiber like our elegant New Zealand wool is the epitome of durability and beauty. Wool also helps insulate your floor and keeps you warm as the temperatures continue to drop. Other fibers like our SmartStrand fibers are created with superior durability and extreme softness in mind. These carpets, like Berkeley, are crafted to protect against spills and pet stains yet allow the silky fibers to slide between your toes and surround your feet in softness.


Step #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

To find the perfect carpet, don’t be afraid to look to nature for inspiration. Think about animals that thrive in the declining temperatures and snowy weather. A carpet like our Savanna Scenes in Antelope gives you a whole new way to be creative and design your home for the fall.

Have you found your perfect fall carpet? Share with us in the comments!


Pantone Fall 2017 Colors Influence Karastan Area Rugs

Each season, the color trend experts at the Pantone Color Institute evaluate top designers’ runway collections at New York Fashion Week and most recently, London Fashion Week, to create the prestigious Pantone Fashion Color Report for the season ahead. A color trend road map for the season ahead, the team then forecasts the top ten colors in men’s and women’s fashion. As we concluded our appearance at North Carolina’s renowned High Point Market last week, we noticed some similarities between our latest color creels and Pantone’s Fall 2017 palette. Chic coincidence or not? Read on for more on how Karastan’s latest collections beautifully align with Pantone’s predictions for Fall.

Pictured above is the Karastan Saigon Area Rug in Multicolor from the Spice Market Collection. With a subtle nod towards exotic Aztec style influences, the Saigon showcases horizontal rows of cultural inspired artistry cast in the Spice Market Collection’s mesmerizing Mediterranean inspired palette. On par with Pantone’s Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report, most notably look for pops of Navy Peony, Autumn Maple, Neutral Gray and Shaded Spruce.

Pictured above is the Karastan European Cottage Area Rug from the Vintage Tapis Collection, hand-designed by Patina Vie’s Sarah Willet. Honoring the timeless artistry of rustic hand knotted Persian rugs, the debuts of the Vintage Tapis Collection elegantly emulate traditional craftsmanship with a relaxed drape, allowing the rugs to be folded, similar to antique heirloom styles. Take a step back in time to the Provincial French countryside with the enduringly elegant style of the European Cottage Area Rug, featuring Pantone’s Autumn Maple, Butterum and Tawny Port.

Pictured above is the Karastan Serene Area Rug in Denim from the Kismet Collection. This area rug’s modern marbleized aesthetic is executed through a serendipitous union of Karastan’s luxurious New Zealand Wool and innovative Smartstrand Silk™. Showcasing Pantone’s Neutral Gray, Butterum and Navy Peony, the Serene Area Rug is radiantly right on trend.

Be sure to check out the complete collections on our website for all our latest style debuts and more fresh-for-fall Pantone inspired color combinations!




Fashion and Flooring: The Impact of New York Fashion Week

With New York Fashion Week upon us, we’re excited to see all the luxurious new spring styles from the most famous designers around the world. With models strutting down the runway this week, unveiling the spring’s most anticipated styles, it’s easy to see the impact that these creations have on flooring as well.

Here are the biggest trends we see making their way into flooring design:

The Color of Fall

Red has always been a popular color, but this season, it’s whites and creams that are stealing the show. Regal hues, like the creamy Sandstorm from the Worstead Elegance collection, is a perfect base for a monochromatically designed space or paired with a bright pastel.


(Worstead Elegance)

Power in Plaid

As New York Fashion Week continues, a trend we expect to see is the re-emergence of plaid. The timeless style has the versatility to be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the rest of the out.  When it comes to flooring, designs like our Woolston Plaid follows along as one of this season’s hottest, most adaptable looks.


(Woolston Plaid)

Mix and Match

One of our favorite styles on the rise this week is the mix-and-match look. Clothing designers are pairing sleek leather jackets with bright, tattered pants in gorgeous innovative designs. In flooring like Karastan’s Patina Multi rug, flooring designers are combining random clouds of color with a distressed rug appearance.


(Patina Multi)

Gold is Good

For many, yellow isn’t the obvious color choice when choosing an outfit to wear or what flooring to purchase. This season, Stylecaster predicts that golden tones like saffron and goldenrod will bring the luxury of gold back to the forefront. Live like royalty and keep your room in style with luxurious comfort and a brilliant golden glow Karastan’s Modern Vision in Winter Wheat.


(Modern Vision)

Flower Power

Florals are another trend on the rise. From Warhol inspired neon shades to simple vines dancing across the floor, flowers are taking over all corners of fashion. In flooring, floral patterns are a timeless trend that adds texture without overpowering the rest of the room.



Big and Bold

Flashy and extravagant styles are what we look forward to during fashion week. Bold statements like big boots, bright colors and layered designs will be seen at shows throughout the week. If your personality is bold, we recommend rich carpets with intricate layered designs to keep your home looking chic.


(Empress Kirman Black)

What are your favorite fashion week trends? Share with us in the comments!


New Year, New Rugs – Rug Trend Forecast for 2017

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we will excitedly welcome the start of 2017.  It’s no secret each New Year’s Eve presents us with a clean slate and imagination full of possibilities for the year ahead. And what’s a better way to create an environment of new beginnings than by re-energizing your home with fresh new styles for the year ahead?

Do you have an agenda behind your home refresh?  Will you be marketing your home in the coming year or does your dwellings just desire a little TLC?  Simple swaps like replacing your rugs and accents pillows will add new colors and textures without having to fire up any power tools. After all, flooring accounts for roughly 30% of a room’s color.

In need of some inspiration? Look no further than our list of top rug trends for the year ahead.  You can also head over to Karastan’s swoon worthy Pinterest boards for the most fashionable year yet!



sovereign_emir_gray_990-14605_9x12_kax_livrmhEmir in Gray from the Sovereign Collection

Shades of Gray

Gray, often referred to as the ‘new neutral’, is still sought after for its versatility and fresh aesthetic. From dark charcoal grey to icy silver, gray isn’t going away anytime soon!

39400-16006_titaniumandelos-slate_rmAndeols in Slate from the Titanium Collection

Metallic’s Moment

It’s luxurious metallic’s –  shimmering silver, brushed gold, honeyed bronze and warm rose gold – moment to shine! Rising to the occasion, Karastan’s Titanium Collection satisfies a craving for contrast, with a fashion forward fusion of matte and metallic sheen finishes. Glamorous yet grounded by a carefully curated combination of both traditional and transitional patterns, look no further than the Titanium Collection for your metallic muse.

sovereign-anastasia-robins-eggAnastasia in Robin’s Egg from the Sovereign Collection

Traditional with a Twist

The enchanting embellishments and eternal elegance of renowned Persian inspired patterns have been thoughtfully re-imagined in fresh color like only Karastan can create in a myriad of modern masterpieces. Pretty pastels capture the eye in striking new colorations of the classics, like the Anastasia in Robin’s Egg from the Sovereign Collection. Delicate details delight in fresh new color choices in this latest designer debut of the sophisticated Sovereign Collection.


Jafet Edit2014

Aberdeen in Sand from the Euphoria Collection

Animal Instincts

From luxurious leopard prints to striking zebra stripes, an addition of animal print to your décor can definitely liven things up! Many designers advise clients to consider animal print a new neutral. Whether your goal is infusing your space with a little eclectic excitement or balancing brighter hues, animal print will not disappoint! For more designer tips on elegantly incorporating the exotic pattern, check out this past blog post!

titanium-sans-pareil-ivorySans Pareil in Ivory from the Titanium Collection

Never Boring Neutrals

Somewhere along the way, neutrals developed a reputation for being boring. But in reality, there is nothing boring about their versatile nature and ability to tie together bolder colors in a space. The detailed patterns and flattering palettes of many of Karastan’s latest neutral numbers prove that simple can be quite stylish after all!

Look for these styles and other Karastan rug designs this year at your local authorized Karastan retailer. For more information on where to buy, please visit our retailer locator page.

How do you plan on updated your home décor this year? Let us know in the comments!




Design Concepts Trends

Trends to Watch: Paisley

Among the most exciting trends going on right now are bold large prints, from globally inspired textiles to delicate botanicals, and paisley. Here’s my season’s inspirational pick for the month of May, the Karastan Emerson beige paisley rug. Paisley is the timeless print that never goes out of style.

This organic teardrop shape is rich in color, yet neutral, and functions as a strong accent when combined with vibrant hues such as bright red or pink.

It is the newest and finest example of American innovation and ingenuity in area rugs from Karastan. Crafted from Everstrand Fiber, these rugs are extremely soft and luxurious, yet heavy and durable. Everstrand Fiber has been developed by Mohawk industries as a Premium recycled Polyester fiber, made in United States.

This whole palette is all about eye popping and total pattern gorgeousness, and it’s truly a sight to behold.



The Emerson Beige area rug is part of Karastan’s Pacifica Collection, which features casual, laid-back and sophisticated designs combined with modern color.  To learn more about our Emerson Beige area rug, visit the Karastan website.

What do you think about paisley as a trend to watch? Let us know in the comments!



Karastan Trends

Served with a Side of Shag

The modern shag rugs of today’s market have come a long way since their psychedelic swirled ancestors of the 1970’s. More sumptuous and stylish than ever, our Prima Shag collection will have you craving their cozy touch in every space. While thankfully you won’t find any lava lamps or simmering incense here, these shag styles prove they still know how to steal the show!

The Fassi, a heavenly soft member of our Prima Shag collection, enhances the style and appeal of this hallway. Like the Fassi shows, a shag rug beautifully warms up a stretch of cold, hardwood flooring.

RG953 108 063091_rm01


Additional information about Fassi rug is available on the Karastan website.

We love how easily the Temara Lattice, another superb design from our Prima Shag collection, adds an inviting aura of luxury to the simplistic and structured décor of this urban living room.



Detail image of Temara Lattice in Camel and more product information available on our website.

In addition to incorporating a shag rug into your everyday living spaces, consider placing one asymmetrically under your bed for a delicious morning treat for your cold feet. We love the elegant diamond pattern of our versatile Zenata for a dreamy master bedroom oasis.


Detail image of Zenata in Taupe and more product information available on our website.

Or if you have a little one, why not incorporate a shag area rug, like the playful chevron print of the Mimosa Strip, into your nursery design? Providing the perfect amount of plush padding for your little one’s crawling grounds, a shag area rug also adds an element of subtle style for an inviting, modern nursery.


Detail image of Mimosa Stripe in Camel and more product information available on our website.

The soft, neutral palette combined with the textural elements of our clean geometric prints incorporated in the designs of the Prima Shag collection will compliment your décor instead of competing with it, unlike the distracting and flamboyant shags of eras past.

What do you think of the modern shag styles of our Prima Shag collection? We’d love to hear from you and see how you live beautifully!











Monet Inspired Pinterest Board

This month, on Live Beautifully, we will explore art and color and how it translates to the home. Throughout the years, art has played a significant role in interior design, from color palettes to decorating elements. We decided to turn our attention to Claude Monet, a prolific artist and founder of French impressionist painting.

Monet adhered to the movement’s philosophy of expressing one’s perceptions before nature. His vast works have inspired architects and artists, fashion, jewelry and interior designers. Our Monet Inspired Pinterest Board celebrates the artist, his color palette, and some of his most inspired subjects.

From the brilliant hue of the red poppies as portrayed in Wild Poppies, Near Argenteuil, to the watercolor pastel palette from the Water Lilies series painted between 1914-1926. Fashion, architecture, design and décor have drawn upon elements in Monet’s paintings to inspire their own creations.

For Monet enthusiasts, there is tremendous allure in our Karastan SmartStrand carpets and rugs. Floral motifs take center stage in the Carmel collection and in our Brookdale Croissant rug, while our Avion Teal rug features an exciting play of color with nature patterns reminiscent of Monet. Pastels are a favorite of both Monet and Karastan, where the lilac hue of our Grantanna carpet in Valentino looks like the sky in Monet’s Misty Morning on the Seine.

Visit our Monet Inspired Pinterest Board today, and let us know which pins are your favorites, in the comments section.