Karastan Luxury Plank Flooring: Better than Nature’s Hardwood

Karastan Luxury Plank Flooring: Better than Nature’s Hardwood

For gorgeous, elevated luxury in the home, the sophistication and timelessness of hardwood flooring is often a first choice among homeowners. In addition to lasting for decades with proper care, homes with wood flooring retain their value better, sell more quickly, and tend to sell for more. But wood flooring has drawbacks. That’s why luxury vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners.

Luxury vinyl flooring combines the look of real wood with the durability of vinyl, making it possible to enjoy the beauty and benefits of wood flooring without the challenges associated with it. But not all luxury vinyl flooring is created equal; some products might offer extreme durability but lack hardwood realism, while others may look nice but offer lackluster performance. Now, there’s Karastan’s LuxeCraft. LuxeCraft offers wood-look styles that replicate the best of nature’s rare, aged and weathered creations—with performance that nature can’t provide. Here are three reasons why Karastan’s LuxeCraft luxury vinyl plank flooring might be a better choice than hardwood flooring.

Karastan LVP flooring in herringbone pattern in bedroom

Endless Style Possibilities

LuxeCraft provides incredible realism and produces authentic wood visuals—including wood looks that normally can’t even be made into flooring! Currently, farmhouse chic and coastal chic design styles are thriving, and no other surface suits these aesthetics quite like the look of hardwood—and Karastan LuxeCraft offers visuals that perfectly complement these design trends. With wider, longer planks, LuxeCraft floors can help you create unforgettable rooms that work perfectly with the rise of open floorplans.

The LuxeCraft collection takes inspiration from rare sources such as century-old sunken logs, the fine craftsmanship of cellos, weathered barnwood, and early 19th-century Appalachian timber. The Curated Grain line pulls from salvaged wood and the grain of historic old-growth white oak barnwood. Marked by brilliant mineral streaking and grain patterning, the softwood cypress and hickory varieties in the Refined Forest line represent strength through hundreds of changing seasons. The Treasured Grove line highlights fallen old growth wood weathered by years of rain, wind, sunshine, and other natural elements. This depth and dimension of texture is achieved through 3D printing technology and takes these elevated wood creations to another level. Although nature’s processes would render these actual source woods unusable in a home, the visual components combined with modern materials and manufacturing processes produce luxury vinyl plank with breath-taking appearance and completely rigid, realistic surfaces.

Karastan LVP flooring in bold rustic look in kitchen

Incredible Durability

Modern vinyl plank flooring options are a far cry from the vinyl options that you might have grown up with. This is not the rolls of plastic-y, thin sheet vinyl that resulted in an unnatural, seamless floor finish. LuxeCraft features exceptionally rigid top layers and multilayer construction that resists water, scratches, and dents while emulating real wood with authentic markings, grain, texture, and gorgeous color palettes.

Made to resist dents from dropped items and foot traffic, LuxeCraft can withstand an active lifestyle. And while exposure to moisture and liquid could damage wood, LuxeCraft luxury vinyl is inherently waterproof and will keep liquid on the surface with an air-tight installation.

Karastan LVP flooring in home entryway

Easy Maintenance

Where real wood can’t go, luxury plank flooring excels! It’s not only well suited for high-traffic areas, but the waterproof quality also makes it perfectly suited for the areas that will see moisture. So even kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and basements can have the same luxurious feel as the living room and bedrooms.

Wood floors are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to scratches, drops, and drags. When a permanent scratch occurs on a wood floor, only refinishing or re-sanding the surface can remove the blemish entirely. LuxeCraft luxury vinyl plank, however, features a rigid, reinforced top layer with modern technology to provide premium scuff and scratch resistance.

If you’re looking for durable flooring that offers the luxury of hardwood, with style and performance that are better than anything nature can offer, it’s time to consider Karastan LuxeCraft.

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