Karastan Showroom at Winter Market 2016

Karastan Showroom at Winter Market 2016

From January 24-28, 2016, Karastan set up a showroom at the World Market Center in Las Vegas during Winter Market 2016, where we displayed our collection of luxury rugs. We debuted new Wool and Wool Blend rugs, new collections, and new additions to some of our most popular collections. It was a wonderful week!  Rug News and Design absolutely loved the vignettes at our showroom, proclaiming the desire to go travel.

Here are just a sampling of images from our Las Vegas Market showroom featuring our new collections and new rugs in warm, soft, naturally renewable New Zealand wool and silky wool/viscose blends.



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Were you at Winter Market 2016 in Las Vegas? What did you think about our Showroom?

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