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How to Choose the Right Size and Style for your Area Rug

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home or simply tie a room together, area rugs can help you achieve your décor dreams. Rugs serve a multitude of purposes and are readily available in every size, shape, style and price point imaginable. The only difficult part is deciding which one is right for your space.

Role in the Room

Before you decide on the details, designate the general purpose your rug will serve in the room. Are you looking for a rug to fit under a dining table? To set off a cozy reading nook? To tie together a seating arrangement? Or even to cover a majority of the room?

Once you’ve found the purpose for your area rug, think about how it will relate from a style standpoint. Do you want to inject vibrant color or soften the room? Are you looking for energy from distinct patterns or a more subtle texture? Will the rug need to coordinate with adjoining rooms?

Understanding the role you want your rug to play will help simplify the process and make the details easier to sort through.

Karastan Aberdeen rug in living room

Size and Shape

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the size of an area rug, but there are some general recommendations to rely on if you’re not certain of what you need.

Look at the furniture in your room. Under a dining table, for example, a rug is usually large enough for the chair legs to remain on the rug if someone is seated. Adding 36” to 48” to the length and to the width of your table will give you a minimum measurement for your rug.

Designers often use round rugs under round or square tables and rectangular rugs under oblong or rectangular tables.

For seating groups, many designers recommend putting at least the front legs of each piece of furniture on the rug to help tie the grouping together. In a larger room, where the furniture is pulled away from the walls, some designers prefer for the entire grouping to sit on top of the rug. Measuring with these tips in mind will help guide you to an appropriate size.

Karastan Irvine rug in the bedroom

Bedrooms will take more consideration. Large beds can often cover up a rug, so it’s best to add four feet to the width of your bed and two or more feet to the length to allow for cushioned walking on all three sides. Designers sometimes run the rug all the way under the headboard, so side tables line the rug. Other times they run the rug under only the bottom two-thirds of the bed, so the side tables sit on the floor.

Another option is to lay three smaller rugs of equal size around the perimeter of the bed. It is also common practice to place a smaller rug at the foot of the bed with only the footboard overlapping the rug.

You may want your rug to fill the majority of your room, and in this case, designers recommend leaving at least 12” of space between the edge of the rug and the baseboards as a border.

Karastan rugs are available in most standard lengths and widths, but if you have a unique-sized space, Karastan carpet can be cut and bound into a custom sized area rug that perfectly fits your home.

While round and rectangular are the most common shapes, you can find many others if you’re looking for something less expected. Again, there are no hard and fast rules, so if you want to put a round rug in a rectangular space to soften the edges, feel free.

Karastan Captivate rug in the living room

Color and Pattern

Rugs come in all colors of the rainbow and a vast array of patterns. Some designers start with a beautiful area rug and build a room’s decor around it, pulling colors and pattern motifs for walls, furniture and draperies from the rug as an inspiration piece. This method makes choosing a rug simple; pick the one that you like best and go from there.

If you already have other decor elements in place, however, you’ll want to fit the rug to the room. For a room full of color, find a rug that reflects some or all of those same colors, without introducing new ones, to help unify the space. In a neutral-colored room, a vibrant rug can inject much needed energy. Neutral colors can soften a space, while dark colors can ground a room by providing depth.

Patterns can be bold or subtle, large or small. If you don’t have much pattern in your room, it’s easier to play with pattern in a rug, however, if you already have a variety of patterns from wallpaper, drapes, pillows and furniture, you may want to opt for a solid or tone on tone rug.

When mixing patterns, many designers recommend altering the size of the patterns. So, if you have a large pattern on the drapes and a medium pattern on the furniture, you would want a smaller pattern for the rug. However if you have a small pattern in the drapery, you could go for a large pattern on the rug.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Layer rugs of different sizes for more interest, put a rug on the diagonal rather than at right angles to the room. Place a round rug in the rectangular “L” of a seating arrangement for the unexpected. Try putting a transitional rug in a traditional space or a traditional rug in an otherwise modern room. You’ll enjoy seeing how different placements change the look and feel of your home.

Area rugs offer a fun way to freshen up a room, and can completely remake a space. Are you ready to choose the perfect option for your home? Take a look through all of our area rugs here.

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Highlights from Spring 2017 One Room Challenge

We love working with the talented bloggers and interior designers selected to participate in the One Room Challenge, a bi-annual event where bloggers makeover a room in just six weeks! For some, that would seem like an enormously daunting task to accomplish in such a short amount of time. As a sponsor of the Spring One Room Challenge, we worked with six talented bloggers, providing them with everything from wall-to-wall broadloom carpet to custom bound area rugs.


Here are some of the highlights of the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge:

Christine Dovey


Christine Dovey, an interior designer and blogger in Toronto, Canada, renovated her entire basement. With her unique style, she converted the entire area into multiple sections, including a whimsical play area for her children. The main part of her basement featured Karastan’s Antelope animal print carpet from our new Savanna Scenes Collection. Visit her website to see amazing before/after pictures!


Erin Hatzis – Suburban Bees


Erin, one of the two Suburban Bees, had the toughest client to work with this One Room Challenge: her 9 year old daughter. Her tween bedroom and bathroom makeover was a huge success, and included Karastan’s Fassi area rug underneath the bed. What a perfect way to wake up in the morning! Visit her website to see the completed room.


Holly Hollingsworth Phillips – The English Room


We’ve worked with Holly, interior designer for The English Room, on a number of One Room Challenges and she has the most eclectic style. We love everything about this bedroom makeover: from the soft, pink ceilings to the bold wallpaper and artwork. Our new Snow Leopard carpet from our Savanna Scenes collection compliments every single element in this room. Check out the incredible after photos on her website!


Kristin Cadwallader – Bliss At Home


Our animal prints were a big hit among the One Room Challenge bloggers this spring, and Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss At Home requested our Ashen Antelope carpet for use as a stair runner in her entry way makeover. This 1942 Connecticut colonial has such character, and the stair runner is a beautiful contrast to the soft, grey walls that greet you when you enter Kristin’s stunning home. To see Kristin’s beautiful entry way and living room makeover, visit her website.


Katy Lyle – A Touch of Teal


Finally, Katy from A Touch of Teal, spent her six weeks redoing her modern rustic kitchen. The neutral kitchen, with pops of teal color (naturally!) throughout the room, features Karastan’s Tybee area rug in silver. The gorgeous rug compliments the teal of the kitchen chairs beautifully! Visit Katy’s blog to see the kitchen!



New Year, New Rugs – Rug Trend Forecast for 2017

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we will excitedly welcome the start of 2017.  It’s no secret each New Year’s Eve presents us with a clean slate and imagination full of possibilities for the year ahead. And what’s a better way to create an environment of new beginnings than by re-energizing your home with fresh new styles for the year ahead?

Do you have an agenda behind your home refresh?  Will you be marketing your home in the coming year or does your dwellings just desire a little TLC?  Simple swaps like replacing your rugs and accents pillows will add new colors and textures without having to fire up any power tools. After all, flooring accounts for roughly 30% of a room’s color.

In need of some inspiration? Look no further than our list of top rug trends for the year ahead.  You can also head over to Karastan’s swoon worthy Pinterest boards for the most fashionable year yet!



sovereign_emir_gray_990-14605_9x12_kax_livrmhEmir in Gray from the Sovereign Collection

Shades of Gray

Gray, often referred to as the ‘new neutral’, is still sought after for its versatility and fresh aesthetic. From dark charcoal grey to icy silver, gray isn’t going away anytime soon!

39400-16006_titaniumandelos-slate_rmAndeols in Slate from the Titanium Collection

Metallic’s Moment

It’s luxurious metallic’s –  shimmering silver, brushed gold, honeyed bronze and warm rose gold – moment to shine! Rising to the occasion, Karastan’s Titanium Collection satisfies a craving for contrast, with a fashion forward fusion of matte and metallic sheen finishes. Glamorous yet grounded by a carefully curated combination of both traditional and transitional patterns, look no further than the Titanium Collection for your metallic muse.

sovereign-anastasia-robins-eggAnastasia in Robin’s Egg from the Sovereign Collection

Traditional with a Twist

The enchanting embellishments and eternal elegance of renowned Persian inspired patterns have been thoughtfully re-imagined in fresh color like only Karastan can create in a myriad of modern masterpieces. Pretty pastels capture the eye in striking new colorations of the classics, like the Anastasia in Robin’s Egg from the Sovereign Collection. Delicate details delight in fresh new color choices in this latest designer debut of the sophisticated Sovereign Collection.


Jafet Edit2014

Aberdeen in Sand from the Euphoria Collection

Animal Instincts

From luxurious leopard prints to striking zebra stripes, an addition of animal print to your décor can definitely liven things up! Many designers advise clients to consider animal print a new neutral. Whether your goal is infusing your space with a little eclectic excitement or balancing brighter hues, animal print will not disappoint! For more designer tips on elegantly incorporating the exotic pattern, check out this past blog post!

titanium-sans-pareil-ivorySans Pareil in Ivory from the Titanium Collection

Never Boring Neutrals

Somewhere along the way, neutrals developed a reputation for being boring. But in reality, there is nothing boring about their versatile nature and ability to tie together bolder colors in a space. The detailed patterns and flattering palettes of many of Karastan’s latest neutral numbers prove that simple can be quite stylish after all!

Look for these styles and other Karastan rug designs this year at your local authorized Karastan retailer. For more information on where to buy, please visit our retailer locator page.

How do you plan on updated your home décor this year? Let us know in the comments!