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Style Tips for Small Spaces

Apartment living or downsizing can be a challenge. With the absence of excess space, rooms become multipurpose. A living room also turns into an exercise room, the entranceway into a mudroom, and sometimes the bathroom doubles as a laundry room.

With the restrictions of small spaces, it’s a challenge to find balance between showcasing your personal sense of style and recognizing that your home needs to be inviting and practical for you and your family.

From multi-functional furnishings to small apartment ideas, here are five style tips for small spaces to help infuse your sense of style into a small living space:

{source: Classic Casual Home}


1. Declutter

When everything has some sort of sentimental value, it’s really easy for your home to get cluttered. Our lives often seem too busy to even attempt this first step, but we suggest taking 10-15 minutes each day to tackle this task. Get rid of those papers that you may not need that are piled up on the counter, don’t hang on to those clothes that you don’t wear anymore, donate them. Take inventory of all of your kitchen gadgets and appliances. Which ones do you really need and use?

2. Neutral, Light Colors

When it comes to small apartment decoration, painting your walls in neutral and light colors visually opens up the space and makes it look much bigger. Choose between white, light woods, blush pink and soft grey for your foundation. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a peek into a bold color for accents though. The key is to remember to balance out that brighter color with softer tones so the room doesn’t become too overwhelming.

{Source: Arianna Belle Blog}

3. Oversized Wall Décor

It may seem counterintuitive to hang an oversized piece of artwork on a tiny wall, but having one large, commanding piece can draw the focus away from the size of the space and toward the art itself. You can also help a room look less cramped by hanging a large mirror on the wall or paneling your closet doors with mirrors. The reflective surface gives the illusion of a larger space, which makes the room feel a lot less tiny.

4. Furniture that fits the room

Don’t go too big with your furniture. If you have low ceilings, choose pieces that sit lower to the ground. This can help create an effect of having higher ceilings. A coffee table could double as a storage bench, or you could push two side tables together as a coffee table with the ease of being able to move them around to add extra space when needed. If you work from home, create a built-in desk area inside an unused closet, nook or any unused space in your home. If you can, find a way to camouflage the space too with a rod + curtain or a sliding door. Hidden storage is optimal! For your dining area, a glass or clear table will keep the appearance of an open and free space.

5. Custom size rug

Now for your fifth wall, the floor!  A light-colored flooring will make the room appear brighter and more open. Our design team recommends the Patola collection in Cosmopolitan for your living room.  Or perhaps you want to have a little more fun with animal prints? Check out our  Savanna Scenes Cheetah. It’s easy to create the perfect custom bound area rug for your rooms, just pick your favorite broadloom carpet and provide your measurements to your local Karastan retailer. When you have small spaces, it’s essential that everything from area rugs to furnishings is the right size.

{Source: Vanessa Francis}


Style: Woolcraft Nouveau


Do you live in a small space? Share with us some of your favorite tips for stylish living in the comments!

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Highlights from the Fall One Room Challenge

One of our highlights for 2015 was our carpet sponsorship of the Fall One Room Challenge™, is a biannual event every April and October. Each round, twenty designers are invited to take the challenge and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over the six weekly posts. Eight bloggers selected Karastan carpets to feature in their room makeover, and the results were absolutely gorgeous! Here are some of the highlights from their projects:



Vanessa Francis is an interior decorator living in a suburb of Toronto, Canada with her husband and teenage daughter. She chose to makeover her master bedroom into a little Parisian getaway. The end result was a pretty and serene room featuring a palette that was fairly neutral. The varying textures from linen, velvet, and wool from her Karastan Woolcraft Nouveau carpet in Metro Grey provided a unique element to her new bedroom sanctuary. The Alexanian Carpet and Flooring in Toronto did a great job serging Vanessa’s new area rug.

©Jim Zeilan
©Jim Zeilan


 An interior designer from Texas, Jennifer Beshears blogs at The Pink Pagoda. In her One Room Challenge project she showcased not one but two Karastan carpets. She chose to redo the entranceway of her friend Jane’s home, and the resulting stairwell is stunning. The herringbone pattern of Karastan’s Cobble Ridge in Driftwood is a beautiful neutral color for the home’s entryway.


Beneath the secretary desk is our Wool Crochet carpet in French Beige that was cut and bound to fit the entryway. The stripes in the rug are a nice contrast to the herringbone pattern of the stair runner. Clifton Carpet did an amazing job installing the stair runner!



Mallory is a fashion and décor blogger at Style Your Senses, a life and style blog for the modern millennial. For her master bedroom redo, Mallory swapped beige for a mostly neutral and soft color palette with lots of plays on texture. Our new Patola carpet in Almond Cream, cut and bound to fit beneath her bed, brightens up the entire bedroom.



You could spend hours scrolling through the pictures of Holly’s room makeover and you still won’t discover all of the hidden elements that puts the wow factor into this living room. The room is bright, bold and colorful with different textures and patterns, exotic artwork and accessories.



Holly selected a carpet from our Exotics Collection in Aberdale Antelope and it’s the perfect foundation for the entire room.



Arianna of Arianna Belle is an interior design blogger living in California who makes custom high-end decorative pillows. Her room redesign features large pieces that are neutral in color with purple and blue pillows, art and other accessories throughout the room. The Area Rug Factory in Ventura County cut and bound the rug, our new Patola carpet in Almond Cream, which is a beautifully fit to the room.



Inspired by a photo of a black and white check room that looks like it is right at home in the English Countryside, our celebrity interior design blogger Kimberly Schlegel Whitman completely transformed the living room at her White Oaks Ranch. The room boasts mixed metallics, plenty of equine accents and artwork, and even a pair of retired polo mallets.


The foundation of the room features our Woolston Plaid cut and bound rug in Redefined Khaki; the print compliments the beautiful pattern on the drapery as well as the animal pattern textiles scattered throughout the room.



Sherry is an interior designer living in Atlanta who blogs at Design Indulgence. For her One Room Challenge, she transformed the living room and dining room of her sister’s home mixing new furniture and accessories with various fabrics and textiles. The living room features our Woolston Plaid carpet in Shoreline, which provided a unique pattern that really complimented the space. From the light walls to the urbane bronze on the built-ins, this new living space boasts a beautiful black and white modern decor with a cozy feel.

What do you think of all of the before and after shots from these blogger projects? We love them all! Let us know which ones were your favorite in the comments.




The Faces of Karastan: Valerie Smith


This month, we celebrate the people behind the Karastan brand. Valerie Smith began her career with Karastan in the 1950s, originally as a hand carver in Eden, North Carolina. Fast forward six decades and Valerie still remains an invaluable member of the Karastan team today, her dedication serving as proof that the legacy of the Karastan brand is a product of our people and their shared passion for creating beautiful rugs and carpets.

Valerie started out at the Eden facility as a hand carver, a role where she hand cut the rug’s pile with shears to form a pattern, before she later transitioned to winding, where she worked converting the yarn onto a cone for further processing. Though Valerie enjoyed her work, she was pleased to finally find her niche as a hand seamstress, a position she proudly still holds today.


“I love seaming rugs and turning that rug over and seeing the results,” explained Valerie. “If they didn’t have the money to pay me, I’d still come in and work!” she affirmed.


When asked what makes Karastan a special place to work, Valerie smiled and shared, “It’s all about the people.” She enjoys her coworkers and has made many special memories meeting customers throughout the years.

One memory that brought a laugh was Valerie’s recollection of a 38’ x 58’ hand seamed rug that was custom made for a private club in Florida. The customer called Karastan to see if it was okay to cut holes in the rug for their telephone lines! With hand-finished details and such quality craftsmanship, Valerie wondered why anyone would even dream of cutting holes in a Karastan rug?


With more than sixty five years of service behind her, Valerie has met many new faces, watched the styles change and then cycle back around.

“Not much has changed about the way Karastan makes rugs. They’re still the most beautiful rugs made – quality counts! Our quality has not wavered.” reported Valerie.





Monet Inspired Pinterest Board

This month, on Live Beautifully, we will explore art and color and how it translates to the home. Throughout the years, art has played a significant role in interior design, from color palettes to decorating elements. We decided to turn our attention to Claude Monet, a prolific artist and founder of French impressionist painting.

Monet adhered to the movement’s philosophy of expressing one’s perceptions before nature. His vast works have inspired architects and artists, fashion, jewelry and interior designers. Our Monet Inspired Pinterest Board celebrates the artist, his color palette, and some of his most inspired subjects.

From the brilliant hue of the red poppies as portrayed in Wild Poppies, Near Argenteuil, to the watercolor pastel palette from the Water Lilies series painted between 1914-1926. Fashion, architecture, design and décor have drawn upon elements in Monet’s paintings to inspire their own creations.

For Monet enthusiasts, there is tremendous allure in our Karastan SmartStrand carpets and rugs. Floral motifs take center stage in the Carmel collection and in our Brookdale Croissant rug, while our Avion Teal rug features an exciting play of color with nature patterns reminiscent of Monet. Pastels are a favorite of both Monet and Karastan, where the lilac hue of our Grantanna carpet in Valentino looks like the sky in Monet’s Misty Morning on the Seine.

Visit our Monet Inspired Pinterest Board today, and let us know which pins are your favorites, in the comments section.

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Karastan’s New Pacifica Collection

We’re excited to launch Karastan’s all new Pacifica Collection. Crafted from Everstrand fiber, these stunning rugs take style to new heights with their superior softness and durability.

Bell Haven Black, Bentley Gray and Bentley Indigo


Casual, laid back and sophisticated, the designs of the Pacifica Collection combine modern color combinations with elegantly refined designers.

Bal Harbour Indigo, Briarcliff Indigo and Highgate Black
Bal Harbour Indigo, Briarcliff Indigo and Highgate Black

The collection evokes a sense of optimism with fresh, soft and sun washed hues.

Bonita Beige, Castleton Aqua and Collier Gray
Bonita Beige, Castleton Aqua and Collier Gray

Everstrand is a premium recycled polyester fiber that starts clean and stays clean because it utilizes the highest-grade plastic from recycled beverage bottles.

Emerson Beige, Kingston Indigo and Leawood Tan
Emerson Beige, Kingston Indigo and Leawood Tan


Everstrand includes up to 100% recycled content and offers inherent “stain free” beauty.

Olympia Beige, Seabridge Beige and Seabridge Tan
Olympia Beige, Seabridge Beige and Seabridge Tan


The Pacifica Collection of rugs is available in a variety of sizes; contact your local Karastan retailer for details!

What do you like best about our new Pacifica Collection? Let us know in the comments!


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National Karastan Month Pinterest Inspiration

Did you know that it’s National Karastan Month at participating retailers throughout the United States? That means from now, until November 10, 2014, our participating retailers are offering some of the lowest prices of the season on Karastan carpets, as well as a $1,000 coupon towards a new Karastan carpet. We’ve also arranged for special financing on all Karastan carpets, which makes Fall 2014 the perfect time to make a new purchase! For additional details about National Karastan Month, visit our website.

To celebrate National Karastan Month, we created a Pinterest board full of images of our luxurious carpets. Get inspired to make a change this fall with these amazing patterns and styles:


If you love the Greek Key Square, then you’ll love the sophisticated pattern of our Serafina carpet in Desert Sand.



If your taste is more towards whimsical and elegance, we recommend our Marie Louise carpet in Verde Marina. The floral trellis on a stria background is a classic beauty.


Karastan carpets aren’t just elegant but are also soft and plush. Unique coloration and with a loop texture will capture your attention with our Tonal Charm carpet, but the feel beneath your feet will simply floor you. Made of Karastan Kashmere, a premium Karastan nylon fiber, it’s extremely soft and durable!



When it comes to modern carpets, look no further than our Metropolitan collection. Our Natural Order carpet, made with SmartStrand Contract DuPont Sorona fiber, is both sophisticated and tough.



Finally, if you haven’t already fallen in love with wool carpet, take a look at our Woolston Plaid collection. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, our Woolston Plaid carpet brings a modern look to a traditional pattern that has been a Karastan staple for years.

Are you looking to purchase a new Karastan carpet? Which of our product lines do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section!