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Highlights from Spring 2017 One Room Challenge

We love working with the talented bloggers and interior designers selected to participate in the One Room Challenge, a bi-annual event where bloggers makeover a room in just six weeks! For some, that would seem like an enormously daunting task to accomplish in such a short amount of time. As a sponsor of the Spring One Room Challenge, we worked with six talented bloggers, providing them with everything from wall-to-wall broadloom carpet to custom bound area rugs.


Here are some of the highlights of the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge:

Christine Dovey


Christine Dovey, an interior designer and blogger in Toronto, Canada, renovated her entire basement. With her unique style, she converted the entire area into multiple sections, including a whimsical play area for her children. The main part of her basement featured Karastan’s Antelope animal print carpet from our new Savanna Scenes Collection. Visit her website to see amazing before/after pictures!


Erin Hatzis – Suburban Bees


Erin, one of the two Suburban Bees, had the toughest client to work with this One Room Challenge: her 9 year old daughter. Her tween bedroom and bathroom makeover was a huge success, and included Karastan’s Fassi area rug underneath the bed. What a perfect way to wake up in the morning! Visit her website to see the completed room.


Holly Hollingsworth Phillips – The English Room


We’ve worked with Holly, interior designer for The English Room, on a number of One Room Challenges and she has the most eclectic style. We love everything about this bedroom makeover: from the soft, pink ceilings to the bold wallpaper and artwork. Our new Snow Leopard carpet from our Savanna Scenes collection compliments every single element in this room. Check out the incredible after photos on her website!


Kristin Cadwallader – Bliss At Home


Our animal prints were a big hit among the One Room Challenge bloggers this spring, and Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss At Home requested our Ashen Antelope carpet for use as a stair runner in her entry way makeover. This 1942 Connecticut colonial has such character, and the stair runner is a beautiful contrast to the soft, grey walls that greet you when you enter Kristin’s stunning home. To see Kristin’s beautiful entry way and living room makeover, visit her website.


Katy Lyle – A Touch of Teal


Finally, Katy from A Touch of Teal, spent her six weeks redoing her modern rustic kitchen. The neutral kitchen, with pops of teal color (naturally!) throughout the room, features Karastan’s Tybee area rug in silver. The gorgeous rug compliments the teal of the kitchen chairs beautifully! Visit Katy’s blog to see the kitchen!


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Shabu Cheetah at The Pink Clutch Blog

Paige Minear, the brilliant interior designer behind The Pink Clutch blog, had one of the most colorful room transformation in Spring 2016 The One Room Challenge™. It was no easy task to transform an already beautiful wood paneled den and we were astonished by what Paige was able to accomplish in six weeks!

Paige opted to use Karastan’s Shabu Cheetah carpet from our now discontinued Exotics Collection, and if was a choice that truly pulled this colorful room together. The attention to detail was remarkable, Paige put thought into every single piece – from the pink cushioned stools to the Limoges bowls from her own collection.

We were fortunate to sit down and chat with Paige about her The One Room Challenge™ room transformation. Read on!


Karastan: Tell us about your blog, the Pink Clutch. What type of blog is it, what do you primarily write about, is this also your profession or a hobby?


Paige: The Pink Clutch is a design blog with posts five days a week on a number of design topics.  My goal is to provide inspiration to my readers on the many aspects of design. I write about designers, design trends, travel, food and drink, fashion and our home.  In the past two years the blog has transitioned into a brand and become a full time profession.  I am blessed and incredibly lucky to make a living doing something I love.


Karastan: Is this your first time participating in the One Room Challenge? If no, please tell us about your previous room makeover.


Paige: This was not my first The One Room Challenge™ but my sixth.  The first four were as a linking participant and I transformed our Guest Suite, Porch, Master Bathroom and Laundry Room.  I was incredibly lucky to be chosen as an invited participant for the last round and I transformed our Kitchen and Breakfast room and now once again our Den.  Each time I take on the project I think it will be a smooth ride and it always comes with hurdles and struggles but is so worth it in the end.


Karastan: Why did you choose to makeover this particular room in the home?


Paige: Our Den was the last room on the main floor to be transformed.  I loved the space but the wood judges paneling kept the space dated in its 1982 glory.  For 12 years we enjoyed the space as it was but I was ready for white walls and a massive change.  My husband was the one to fall in love with the space when we bought the home and I was sure he would expect it to remain wood for the duration.  I was thrilled when he suggested we paint it and I jumped at the chance before he could change his mind.


Karastan: What was your inspiration/approach to this project?


den orc-1 thepinkclutch

Paige: I knew I wanted a white room, which is very outside my comfort zone, with tons of color.  I have always wanted a green velvet sofa so that was a must have, along with using some of the furniture from our original den.  There is no need to completely replace every single item in a new room, especially when a lot of the pieces still work.  We completely reworked the space for more seating and to create a U shape which would be more conducive to conversations.


Karastan: Did you think you would be able to complete your vision in only 6 weeks?


Paige: When I started I didn’t have any concerns, but about week 3 I began to panic and then at week 4.5 I was truly stressed I would not finish.  There is nothing like doing something in the public eye to add many layers of stress to an already stressful situation.  I was truly panicked for about a week I would not pull it off.


Karastan: What were some of your project concerns?


Paige: The biggest challenge for me was the paint.  After the second painter quit I truly began to panic.  I could not reveal a white lacquered den without the white lacquer.  I reached out to every single designer I knew and asked for their painters and I was truly lucky to not only get one that would fit me in but turned out to be better than any painter I had found on my own.  He was incredible and finished the job in half the time with a better result than had been previously promised.  My next challenge was wallpaper.  When we worked on our kitchen the wallpaper was a disaster and I was very worried about wallpapering another space.  It turned out to be the easiest contractor I used and I think he was in the house for maybe a total of two hours.


Karastan: Tell us  – why did you select a Karastan product for this room?


Paige: I love Karastan rugs and it was an honor to be able to work with Karastan for The One Room Challenge™.  I love animal prints and the Shabu Cheetah carpet was an obvious choice for me.  When I learned that the pattern I chose was being discontinued I was even more excited knowing I would be one of the last to use it.  I could not be happier with the contrast it provides.


Karastan: What’s your favorite thing about the Karastan product you selected?


Paige: The pattern is by far my favorite thing about my Karastan carpet.  The Shabu Cheetah is just the balance of neutral I was looking for to balance a room I knew would scream color.  I have always felt an animal print was a perfect neutral and this carpet might be my new favorite thing.


Karastan: What were the features important to you when selecting a Karastan carpet/rug for this room makeover?


Paige: We are a family of six with two dogs so I was drawn to the durability and stain resistance of the Karastan products.  I want to make sure any rug or piece of furniture we invest in will stand the test of time and family.  So far I have been thrilled with the stain resistance.  I was the first to spill a drink and it cleaned up beautifully.  I could not be happier.


Karastan: How do you feel about the final result? We loved your reveal, were you happy with it too? How would you describe your room makeover stylistically?


Paige: We LOVE the space.  The bright color of the walls greets me every single morning with a smile.  I am thrilled with the change it has given our main floor and the larger feel and seating area it has given us for entertaining.  We love it so much and I still have to pinch myself every day when I see it that it is truly ours.  Oh, and that I really did finish the space.  I was truly very concerned.



All photos courtesy of Paige Minear and The Pink Clutch Blog, photos taken by Christina Wedge.

To see Paige’s room transformation, from start to finish, check out these blog posts on The Pink Clutch.

Week 1: Before

Week 2: The Plan and Fabric

Week 3: Paint, Art and Accessories

Week 4: Lighting, Drapery and Fabric

Week 5: Paint, Wallpaper and the Finish Line

Final Reveal


Room Ideas

Behind the Blue Ceiling: One on One with One Room Challenge Participant Thou Swell

For six weeks in the Spring of 2016, twenty design bloggers participated in the the One Room Challenge™, a biannual event where the bloggers transformed one room and documented the complete redesign. For the second challenge in a row, Karastan has been the official carpet sponsor, and we had the privilege of working with these talented design bloggers.

Kevin O’Gara, design blogger behind acclaimed home and lifestyle blog  Thou Swell, is the youngest participant of the Spring 2016 One Room Challenge. In less that three years, Thou Swell has become a must-visit destination for interior lovers and entertaining enthusiasts. Sharing home and garden, decor, food and entertaining, and a little of his hometown Atlanta, Kevin shares his fresh eye for design and passion for beauty.

Recently, Karastan sat down with the recent High School graduate to discuss the design inspiration behind his One Room Challenge transformation. Read on!

Kevin O'Gara

Karastan: Tell us about your blog, Thou Swell. What type of blog is it, what do you primarily write about, is this also your (future) profession or a hobby?

Kevin: On Thou Swell, I share home, garden, and entertaining inspiration. I post projects and photoshoots from other sources, and also create original projects ranging from full interior design projects to tablescapes and DIY projects. It’s a mix of curation and creation, but the international projects I share definitely translate to my personal style in the projects I produce myself. As a student, I use my blog primarily as a business hobby and a creative outlet, but I’m also learning a lot about photography, marketing, and branding. It will continue to be a hobby for me, though I can’t predict how it will evolve as I go off to college and beyond.

Karastan: Is this your first time participating in the One Room Challenge? If not, please tell us about your previous room makeover.

Kevin: This was my third One Room Challenge makeover, although my first time participating in the designer group. My previous makeovers included a sunroom in my father’s house and the living room in my mother’s house. My first makeover was a small space which had no existing furniture, so I created a tropical-inspired oasis with a blue velvet sofa, zebra hide rug, and a diptych painting I created for the room. It was super fun, but I definitely had a lot to learn about timing a One Room Challenge as I shot the room the day it was supposed to be posted! My living room makeover was better planned, and I used existing furniture in the design so I initially had furniture to work with. It was more a fusion of me and my mom’s styles, and it was fun to work with her on a room that we use so often.

Karastan: Why did you choose to makeover this particular room in the home?

Kevin: I chose my father’s bedroom for this makeover because it was basically the last room that I hadn’t decorated in his house. He moved at the beginning of 2015, and let me decorate all of the main living areas in the house. I later decorated the back (sun) room for my first One Room Challenge and my sisters’ bedroom for a separate blog post, so his own bedroom desperately needed some attention!

Karastan: What was your inspiration/approach to this project?

Kevin: When I approached this project, I wanted to create a masculine retreat that was moody like the rest of his home, but light enough that the one window in the room wouldn’t feel lacking. I started with the high-gloss blue ceiling, then moved to the curtain fabric that covered 120 inches of the wall behind the bed. I knew that these elements had the most impact, so the rest of the room was designed to balance and complement these pieces.


Karastan: Did you think you would be able to complete your vision in only 6 weeks?

Kevin: I’m pretty proud of how smoothly the room came together. I was initially worried about creating a solid game plan for the space in time for product ordering, but it worked out perfectly and all the major pieces were in place long before the photoshoot date. I would possibly change some of the details, like the accent pillow on the bed or the flowers I used in the shoot, but these are minor regrets for sure!

Karastan: What were some of your project concerns?

Kevin: My main concern for the project was dealing with the one window in the room. Although there was just this one source of natural light, the room layout only worked with the bed against the window, which I worried would block too much light. Fortunately, the headboard had a low-profile and kept most of the window clear, and the new chandelier easily lights up the room as well.


Karastan: Why did you select a Karastan product for this room?

Kevin: I selected a Karastan product for the room, because the selection of subtle, neutral patterns in the Karastan collection was exactly what I needed for the room. I was looking for a rug that would complement the bold curtains, so I knew a soft pattern would be just the ticket on the floor. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Violetta Wall Street rug, which I was able to custom order (another plus) for the perfect size rug for the room.

Karastan: What’s your favorite thing about the Karastan product you selected?

Kevin: Besides being incredibly soft and comfortable to walk on (just what a bedroom needs), I love the hand drawn quality to the pattern on the rug. It’s a subtle design that alludes to plaid with a contemporary feel, and the warm grey is just the right shade to keep the room light, airy, yet grounded.

Karastan: What were the features important to you when selecting a Karastan carpet/rug for this room makeover?

Kevin: When I searched for a rug, I was looking for a pattern that would complement the other textiles in the room, and provide a neutral backdrop for the space. Although I wanted it to be the backdrop, I didn’t want a solid rug – I wanted the rug to have enough pattern to have a noticeable effect on the look of the room. The small-scale pattern of the Violetta rug fit the room perfectly.


Karastan: How do you feel about the final result? We loved your reveal, were you happy with it too? How would you describe your room makeover stylistically?

Kevin: I’m so thrilled with my room’s transformation, and I think my dad loves it too! The blue ceiling turned out better than I could have ever hoped, my risky curtain fabric choice turned out beautifully, and the room is light and inviting thanks to the beautiful rug underfoot. If I were to describe the room’s style, I would say that it’s bold, masculine, and traditional with a twist.thou-swell-one-room-challenge-bedroom-5


Karastan: We loved this bedroom makeover too! To see Kevin’s room transformation, click here! To read his step-by-step process, visit Intro, Design, Paint, Artwork, and Styling.

What do you think of Kevin’s bedroom transformation? Let us know in the comments!


Design Concepts Room Ideas

Highlights from the Fall One Room Challenge

One of our highlights for 2015 was our carpet sponsorship of the Fall One Room Challenge™, is a biannual event every April and October. Each round, twenty designers are invited to take the challenge and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over the six weekly posts. Eight bloggers selected Karastan carpets to feature in their room makeover, and the results were absolutely gorgeous! Here are some of the highlights from their projects:



Vanessa Francis is an interior decorator living in a suburb of Toronto, Canada with her husband and teenage daughter. She chose to makeover her master bedroom into a little Parisian getaway. The end result was a pretty and serene room featuring a palette that was fairly neutral. The varying textures from linen, velvet, and wool from her Karastan Woolcraft Nouveau carpet in Metro Grey provided a unique element to her new bedroom sanctuary. The Alexanian Carpet and Flooring in Toronto did a great job serging Vanessa’s new area rug.

©Jim Zeilan
©Jim Zeilan


 An interior designer from Texas, Jennifer Beshears blogs at The Pink Pagoda. In her One Room Challenge project she showcased not one but two Karastan carpets. She chose to redo the entranceway of her friend Jane’s home, and the resulting stairwell is stunning. The herringbone pattern of Karastan’s Cobble Ridge in Driftwood is a beautiful neutral color for the home’s entryway.


Beneath the secretary desk is our Wool Crochet carpet in French Beige that was cut and bound to fit the entryway. The stripes in the rug are a nice contrast to the herringbone pattern of the stair runner. Clifton Carpet did an amazing job installing the stair runner!



Mallory is a fashion and décor blogger at Style Your Senses, a life and style blog for the modern millennial. For her master bedroom redo, Mallory swapped beige for a mostly neutral and soft color palette with lots of plays on texture. Our new Patola carpet in Almond Cream, cut and bound to fit beneath her bed, brightens up the entire bedroom.



You could spend hours scrolling through the pictures of Holly’s room makeover and you still won’t discover all of the hidden elements that puts the wow factor into this living room. The room is bright, bold and colorful with different textures and patterns, exotic artwork and accessories.



Holly selected a carpet from our Exotics Collection in Aberdale Antelope and it’s the perfect foundation for the entire room.



Arianna of Arianna Belle is an interior design blogger living in California who makes custom high-end decorative pillows. Her room redesign features large pieces that are neutral in color with purple and blue pillows, art and other accessories throughout the room. The Area Rug Factory in Ventura County cut and bound the rug, our new Patola carpet in Almond Cream, which is a beautifully fit to the room.



Inspired by a photo of a black and white check room that looks like it is right at home in the English Countryside, our celebrity interior design blogger Kimberly Schlegel Whitman completely transformed the living room at her White Oaks Ranch. The room boasts mixed metallics, plenty of equine accents and artwork, and even a pair of retired polo mallets.


The foundation of the room features our Woolston Plaid cut and bound rug in Redefined Khaki; the print compliments the beautiful pattern on the drapery as well as the animal pattern textiles scattered throughout the room.



Sherry is an interior designer living in Atlanta who blogs at Design Indulgence. For her One Room Challenge, she transformed the living room and dining room of her sister’s home mixing new furniture and accessories with various fabrics and textiles. The living room features our Woolston Plaid carpet in Shoreline, which provided a unique pattern that really complimented the space. From the light walls to the urbane bronze on the built-ins, this new living space boasts a beautiful black and white modern decor with a cozy feel.

What do you think of all of the before and after shots from these blogger projects? We love them all! Let us know which ones were your favorite in the comments.